Games of the Generation: Fallout 3


5 years ago

I bought the lunchbox collectors edition of this game when it came out many years ago,despite not owning an xbox 360 at the time, and only started playing this at the beginning of this year. Ten months later I am still playing through it! I have a ton of games still to play such as Red Dead Redemption, X-Com, and Dead Space etc but am still happily ploughing through Fallout 3. I play this maybe about 2 or 3 times a week (the vita gets most of my other free time!) and am still not bored with it. Not since the original Deus Ex can I remember a game previously that was so good at sucking the player in and there always seems to be new things to see and do. You can be busy on one quest or simply wandering around and then all of a sudden you will stumble onto a new location, character, note or journal and get dragged into some other crazy adventure.

Here are just some things that happened to me in the game so far:

I was traipsing through the wasteland, very slowly it should be noted due to my obsession with picking up items, looking for the next town when I stumbled upon a small place called Big Town where the surviving residents were under attack by super mutants! Somehow I then ended up defending the town from attack, volunteering for a rescue mission, rescuing said captives from a police station and then escorting them back through the wasteland town battling against giant radscorpions and crazy robots along the way before getting back to Big Town and then fighting off even more of those big ugly green mutant buggers upon my return some hours later. At the end of all this I was deemed a saviour by the people of the town (I should think so!) and was told I was always welcome.

Or how about the time I discovered a note detailing some hidden treasure stashed in a bus in a scrapyard only to end up running around in circles in said location struggling to find it. At which point I hear a commotion and discover a stray dog fighting against some raiders. The little furry dude looked like he could handle himself but I helped out anyway and this only served to be the start of a beautiful friendship between us. Me and Dogmeat have been inseparable ever since. We've had some adventures I can tell you! That is one tough mutt. I left him in an alley and fought it out against both Talon mercs and Super mutants and then came back to him to find three dead mutants next to him. Good boy! Worth every spare stimpak I've got.

Another time I was looking for the Super Duper mart when Dogmeat started growling and ran off with me in hot pursuit. We came across some poor chap being chased by a deranged robot. I rescued him and he directed me to the nearby town of Graysditch where I discovered the town was under siege by an army of giant fire spewing ants! Much hijinks ensued and it culminated in me helping a mad scientist with his experiment and then me promising a young boy I would try and find him a new home somewhere as his family were dead.

Those are just three examples of things that have happened to me so far but the game has dozens of moments like this. Even after 100 hours+ it still keeps giving. It is worth noting also that a lot of these things are unscripted and happen randomly so no doubt many people may have totally different experiences than I have had in the game. Sure Fallout 3 has its flaws. It can be really glitchy and buggy at times and it could maybe do with letting the player use one of the many motorcycles that litter the wasteland but that aside the game is a work of genius and even after all the hours I have spent playing it I am still enjoying it and finding new things. How many other games can manage that?

It is in my top ten games of all time and is a game everyone should play.
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Fear is the path to the dark side


5 years ago


Yes that should have been the most important question.

I loved the original KOTOR and KOTOR 2 was shaping up to be even better in terms of writing and choices. That was of course until the last section of the game which actually ruined the whole experience of KOTOR 2 for me and debased everything that had went before. So much so that I have played the original multiple times since but have never returned to the sequel. Everything that had been carefully set up in the sequel was just flushed down the toilet in what might just be the worst end to a game ever, that is if you accept that what was in the finished game can be classed as an ending at all.

Even after all these years it still makes me angry. Angry at Lucasarts for putting ridiculous deadlines on the game and angry at Obsidian for accepting the deal no matter how tempting it may have been at the time. Ultimately who suffered? The fans.

I don't have a PC so am unable to play the restored content but having read about it it is clear this game could have been something really special with choices made in the game that had real consequences for your allies. Hopefully one day they will release a KOTOR3 and we can all go back to tormenting meatbags and I can forget about what a wasted opportunity KOTOR 2 was.
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Night and the City


6 years ago

It really is a great article. I actually played quite a few games with my dad over the years as well, when I was younger, so this definitely resonates with me too. I completed Chaos Engine on the Amiga in 2 player with me old paps and he was able to find all the hidden nodes which I really struggled at. He also helped me beat the evil robot sonic near the end of Sonic 2 when I kept failing at trying to avoid his attacks. He also watched me beat Shinobi on the Mega Drive and tried to help me on Future Wars when I kept getting stuck in that cell on the spaceship. The game in which we played the most though was Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker. He loved it so much he would sit and play it in my room with the lights off late at night whilst I tried to get to sleep ready for school the next day. I used to drift off hearing that squeaky sound of the cue being chalked and of my dad complaining that the computer was cheating again before he would eventually call it a night and switch it off. Tim Rose misses those times.

As for LA Noire I actually think that wonderful world is going to waste and I would love to see other developers being allowed to use it. Imagine someone like SWERY the maker of Deadly Premonition being allowed to use the game engine and world? How great would a private detective game be set in that world? Sneaking into houses via the fire escape, digging up leads in dingy old bars etc.
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