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Been on the site for wayyyyy to long now, 4 years registered and 2 years as a lurker before that.

HUGE gamer across the whole spectrum of platforms and genres. Been gaming for well over 2 decades now, starting back with the good old days of Spectrum vs C64 - first computer I owned was the humble A3000, which was home to what remains the definitive version of Elite as well as the home of classic devs like 4th Dimension and landmark games like Zarch.

Of course, with experience comes (obviously) age, and cynicism and more discerning taste. I dislike current trends towards shoerhorned co-op, as well as the relentless march of corporatism over our beloved hobby that is leading to the stifling of innovation and mainstream games becoming an increasingly gloopy, homogenised mess designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. For every bright, shining diamond like Dark Souls or Xenoblade Chronicles there is a another paint-by-numbers Call of Duty, Fifa, and Ratchet and Clank. For every sequel with a genuinely interesting new gameplay concept, another dozen are stamped out in the endless quest for appealing to the everyman.

In short: I am opinionated. I am also blunt - frequently blunt enough that people often mistake my observations and commentary on certain games as deliberately being contrary. I'm not. I frequently heavily criticise games that I nonetheless enjoyed. After playing a game, I assess, discuss and compare its various merits and demerits to other games with other people. Recognising flaws in a game or areas that could do with improvement is not nit-picking - it's an essential critical requirement, particularly when it comes to developers looking to create an improved sequel.

I also have a VERY dry sense of humour, which people can often mistake for rudeness, aggression, arrogance, etc etc. It isn't. My humour is just drier than a dinner party in the Sahara with a main course of plywood and a drink of brine.

Lastly, I am gay, disabled, and a liberal. I make absolutely no apologies for that, nor should I (but in case you're wandering, I'm not the sort to tenuously shoehorn the subjet/s into discussions unlike SOME members I could mention). I will actively stand up and speak out against discrimination and bigotry - particularly homophobia - in all of its forms - and persecution of the poor, the sick, the elderly, all genders, orientations, colours and creeds. This is the 21st century, NOT the 16th, and it's about damn time people started treating their fellow human beings with the equal respect, dignity and consideration that they are entitled to instead of revealing their own petty insecurities and attempting to subjugate or segregate others based merely on matters of genetics, geography or ideological differences.

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