iPhone X: Apple bets the future of smartphones on Kinect's failed tech


7 months ago

@Rogueywon Apple continue to sell more and more iPhones at an increasing rate. Clearly the market is happy to follow along and pay for these devices. I predict another bumper year for the company.
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Cliff Bleszinski reveals LawBreakers PC and PS4 release date


10 months ago


Looks ace :)
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Old Republic "very different" to WOW


7 years ago

Too busy with starcraft 2 multiplayer to try anything else :/

I have saved so much money buying SC2.
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Play Your Cards Right


8 years ago

Welcome to 2005
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The End of Publishing


9 years ago

Mooks: "While its cheaper buying a retail copy I will never buy a game through steam, anyone that pays double the price for a game on steam is clearly an idiot"

Which games are actually twice the price than in shops? I agree that is is cheaper than buying it online, I for one am happy to pay a little bit extra to have all my games stored away on a sever to download whenever I want. One thing I used to hate was having to dig out the cd/dvd to put in the drive, or looking for the manuals to enter the cd keys etc.

Steam is a business, they are in it for the cash, as long as the marktet allows them to have the price a little higher then they will. I imagine this will come down a little in time when the other online distributors catch up.

So althougth I can see your point about the games being more expensive, I believe there is sufficient differences in the sales model to at least allow for the case to be debated, not merely label everyone stupid who considers using the service.
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9 years ago

When a company wishes to place an advert on a radio station, they can do all the work themselves, hire the talent, the recording studios etc and send in the tape and buy a slot on air. Or the company can contact a department at the radio station who can help create a jingle for them. They have voice acting contacts and more knowhow in general, and for a small company this is the ideal way for them to get themselves on air.

To me, this is how I can see digital distribution pushing forward. Companies like Steam could handle all the advertising and marketing in general, as well as be a platform for distribution. Steam would just take a larger percentage of profit depending on which marketting plan you went for. How much of step is it for developers to then contact Steam and say "Hey guys, we generated a ton of sales for you on our last project, you fancy throwing some money are way for this next title?" Then bingo everything changes. With the massive back catelogue that Steam can rely on to fund future projects as well as comparativerly very low budget requirement, you could see them taking a bigger chance on more risky projects, fuelling the creative industry even more.

Going at it from this angle, I cannot see a scenario in which the traditional publisher can survive the party. The invites dry up until in a few years time, everyone is dancing to the next great hit they heard on the radio, someone asks "What happened to those guys with the boxes and harse suits?" Before the next tune picks up.

In truth I think this is an idealised version. I can see Steamand others demanding a bigger and better cut for their services, asking for complete exclusiveness, sitting in on development meetings, influencing design descisions in the same way things currently are. In the end nothing changes except the delivery method.
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