PlatinumGames is making what looks like a spiritual successor to Ōkami


1 month ago

Well, this one really hurts
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Destiny 2 dev Bungie: we didn't know hate groups appropriated kek meme


8 months ago

I've read comment on another website from someone claiming to read /pol/ saying that the whole "kek and pepe are alt right symbols" was started by a couple of people in /pol/ with the sole intention of trolling "media and leftists" to make them afraid of using those memes. And if it's the truth then honestly, it seems that they succeded.

I feel that much better response to this would be to start using these symbols in a positive manner and make people associate them with positivie values and not let a small group of people dictate what words / symbols we can't be using.
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Making Cyberpunk: when Mike Pondsmith met CD Projekt Red


11 months ago


Well, it's less misogynistic than the real medieval times were, that's for sure. Women can attend college and sorceresses form probably the most powerful group in the witcher world. I'm also pretty sure that they own more legal rights (like e.g. property rights) than women in at least most countries in Europe in medieval times, but I'm not 100% positive about this, it's been a long time since I last read The Witcher saga.

Honestly, it's the poor that are in the worst position - just like it was back then. Rich women are more often than not in a better position than poor men, while obviously poor women are in the worst position.

Also, saying that it sucks for everyone who isn't white also feels like bringing modern (or at least: present in some moder countries) sensibilites into discussion. We honestly don't know how not-white people would be treated in Northern Realms. The elves have white skin and yet they are hated by most man. The intolerance in The Witcher world is focused on nonhumans, we have no knowledge of any racial tensions connected with the colour of the skin. We just now that there are black / brown people living in Zerrikania, but it seems people of Northern Realms don't really care
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The Witness has already shifted "substantially more than 100k" copies


2 years ago


He said that the game is worth the price for "people who enjoy intelligent games", and not that it's a game only for intelligent people. It's clearly an overinterpretation on your part.

And by the way, most The Witness puzzles are all about pattern recognition, cognitive flexibility and overall efficiency of your working memory. These things correlate strongly with general intelligence, especially working memory, which is a great indicator of general intelligence.

So while it's too much to say that The Witness is game only for intelligent people, it is pretty obvious that people with high level of intelligence will tend to have less problems with The Witness puzzles. And many people with low level of general intelligence might find the game too frustrating.
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Pavilion is a "fourth-person exploratory experience" for PS4 and Vita


5 years ago

Well, there are not too many 1st party AAA games announced for PS4, but at least I will be able to play almost every interesting indie game on my PS4
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Live: Blizzard Gamescom conference


5 years ago

Wait, just one new act? Isn't it slightly dissapointing? I expected the expansion to have the same amount of content as the basic game
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Nintendo's Game & Wario finally gets Wii U release date


5 years ago

It's such a shame that it's not a new Wario Ware game.

Gonna have to skip this one, unfortunately.
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