Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer


3 years ago

@matthew000 Hi there, just wanted to clear a couple of things up. Firstly there's only ever been one writer for the Overlord games - me.

Secondly, what you are talking about are predominantly mechanics and design, not writing. It's not like I decide what the story and gameplay are going to be and then toddle along to a developer and get them to make it. Would be great if it worked that way, but it doesn't. In the case of a freelance writer (like myself) we are usually contacted when the design and mechanics have already been decided.

We then usually work alongside the design team to create a story around that existing design and mechanics. What narrative produces does feedback into the rest of the process, sure - audio, certainly, art, sometimes, but seldom into the overarching mechanics (although there is one gameplay mechanic in FoE that comes from my narrative work.)

It's usually about creating a story to fit the existing mechanics, rather than mechanics to fit the story. Obviously things can be different if it's a story-heavy game (adventure, RPG, puzzler in particular) or if the developer has a heavy-hitting internal writing team the likes of Bioware or Obsidian, or if the writer also happens to be the creative director or game director on the project and has the 'hard power'.

The role of most jobbing game writers is to support the game mechanics, rather than define them.

Now I'm not saying that it's the best approach (and having writers involved early on in the design process can really help contextual mechanics and cement a game world)but that's the reality for most game writing gigs.

Hope that helps clarify the situation a bit better.

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Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett isn't working on Mirror's Edge 2


4 years ago

@peori I don't think I've ever talked about my writing being hacked about in other games, certainly not to the level it was in Mirror's Edge. But you're always working within quite restrictive boundaries.

It wasn't so much that they cut out level dialogue (which is a valid choice) but that it was done so late, after the entire script had been written and recorded. So obviously it had been written to have a lot of character, world and plot deepening as part of that level dialogue. If I'd known earlier that Faith wasn't going to speak in levels I would have written and weighted things differently.

As for the ending. There were various options. That was the one that was chosen.

Games writing is not an easy gig. If you think it is, then please, by all means give it a go. I shall be standing by with much needed alcoholic beverages.
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4 years ago

@peori "Yes, she had the same complaint about her writing on TR being hacked up too."

Where exactly have I *ever* said that about Tomb Raider?

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Tomb Raider: the model of a modern megagame


5 years ago

Hi Oil,

Just wanted to address a minor point. The line about the late shift at the Nine Bells has nothing to do with referring to her "homicidal aptitude." It's in reference to the dressing she's recently put on Roth's wound.

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Overlord II


9 years ago

The Overlord didn't die at the end of Raising Hell. He was sealed in the Infernal Abyss by the Forgotten God and the Minion Jester.
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