Frag Dolls to attempt Vegas 2 record


10 years ago

Hello folks. We are setting the world record that's why it's right after the games release. I hope that encourages people together with their mates, contact Guinness and break the record later on.

It was our idea to do it and I'm really looking forward to it. It's not actually the first gaming world record we've taken part in. Guinness have strict rules about how FPS marathons are carried out. We'll have an adjudicator and medical staff that change shifts every four hours as well as independent witnesses so I don' think our health is at risk.

As for how the iSeries mob get on with us well as we've been to several iSeries events and won the pub quiz there, everybody's been real nice every time so i'm sure they will be again. Thanks for your concerns though :)

I'll be cleaning out my friends list 2 days before the event so if anyone would like to keep me company on there please send me over a request.
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