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Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg

I`m Jyanon

I know, normally the people start at this point to write about their great look, their outstanding skills and their pure pownage play style.

And yeah, so I do ;P
Ok not exactly, just telling what you probably want to know about the Gamer behind this Name.

I'm a student, living in Coburg ([Germany]) and study politics at the University of Bamberg.

I'm average tall (good looking ;p) and like Animals, natural science, technology, mythology, airsoft, politics and Furry ;)

The things I dislike are, aside from standing up early in the morning ^.^, negative prejudice and a lot of incomprehension.

I'm eager for challenges and new experiences (good ones of course),
which is the reason for my several activities and games.
But Im a "bit" lazy and not the sportsman I would like to be ^.^
So some workout and Ju-Jutsu are beside the "Studium" (academic studies) the only sports Im practice at the moment.

Otherwise, when I don't learn for Exams and find some time, I like to Photograph, traveling through Germany, doing something with my friends ^.^
or as you surely noticed, playing Pc ;)

I almost play any genre of games with the PC, no matter if strategy (Age of Empires) Role-play (The elder Scrolls) and shooter (Unreal Tournament).
The only vgs Im avoiding are Sport games (Its more fun to do they in real and not only in Virtuality).

So if you can disregard the last and my strange English ;p, you are gladly invited to play some rounds with me, or to contact if you like :3

Thx for read this little passage in my Profile

and gl hf ^.^

My all Time favorit Games:
The Prince of Persia Saga
Die Gilde 1
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
and Age of Empires II

What i'm playing atm:

Team Fortress 2
Battlefield 3
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
Dead Island
Pokemon: Bloody Platin

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