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Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries (SKI) is building a single game franchise (MEG). The first iteration is MEG:RVO for the iPad coming out Fall 2013.

The MEG franchise will evolve into a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Action (MMO/RTS) game. It will allow the player to operate a vehicle through a rugged and desolate landscape littered with unfamiliar technological artifacts, which players can scavenge and sell. The game is similar to other current games in the sense that players may explore their surroundings, battle enemies, build structures, upgrade their materials, and generally compete or cooperate with other players. It is a near-infinite, open-world game, with no well-defined start or end. SKI seeks to build a community of players who will enjoy spending time inside the game, interacting with the game environment and with other players, and contributing to in-game commerce.

The current dev build game play:


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