Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble


1 year ago

It has habitually excelled at creating innovative, ergonomic and tactile kit that can surprise and delight, just through its design
On the contrary I feel Nintendo hardware has, more often than not, felt cheaply made. Certainly compared to consistently solid competitive devices produced by Sony and Microsoft.

Usually feeling too light, made from plastics but feeling that way too, with less dexterous controls, and visible seams.

I have vivid memories of picking up my first N64 controller after having used a Dual Shock for years. The aesthetics were way off - the whole thing exuded plastic cheapness, to the point the controller felt like a third party knock off imported from the east. For instance the analogs felt thin, frictionless, and imprecise, and the buttons had significant lateral movement within their sockets.

Of course the hardware has also often been cheaper to buy than the rivals, but then it's also usually underpowered. To me it's always felt like Nintendo put margin over physical quality.

I look forward to feeling the Switch.

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