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What do you want to know then?
Ummm...Well I'm 28 and a full time Gamer (litterally lol), I'm currently signed off from work right now because I am a complete nut-job (at least I'm honest) not to mention the chronic back and joint pains I also have too (I have other issues too...who doesn't?...but they aren't that important in the grand scheme of things).

I live in Oxfordshire with my fiance and our Cat (we called him Kazuma...or just Kaz after the protagonist from the Yakuza games, its Japanese meaning is 'Peace & Harmony', but trust me, there's nothing Peacefull or Harmonious about Kaz!...apart from when he is asleep lol!).

I used to run a Games Review site called 360 Splurge (360splurge.gooforum.com) but I struggle to keep it going on my own.

I now post a blog called 'One Strange Gamer Girl and her Cat' (http://gamergirlcat.blogspot.com) which I update from my fiance's iPod Touch when I have the time (and when I can get the bloody thing from him lol), feel free to check it out.

My gaming systems of choice(s) are: (In mostly used order)
Xbox 360 (currently the Halo Reach 250GB Slim)
Playstation 3 (320GB)
PSP (Lilac 3000)
Nintendo DS (Black Lite)
Sega Dreamcast
Playstation 2 (Pink Slim)
Xbox (Black Original)
Sega Saturn
Commadore Amiga A500

I also have a Playstation 1 (Dualshock, not the Soap Bar one) but I didn't include that in the list as our Playstation 3 is backwards compatable with all our old PS1 games, it's strange that they kept that and not the PS2 BC o_O!

Now I am one of those people who is honest and doesn't take any crap (wasn't always the case...I've always been honest but used to get walked over, strange what life experience does to you). I'm not the kind of person who lies to keep people happy, just be honest, tell the truth and deal with it...believe me this kind of attitude lets you know who your REAL friends are.

I also believe strongly that a game review is simply the opinion of one individual, I make my own judgement on whether a game is good or not. All the games I play (with a few exceptions) are ones that I like, if I really like it I will try to get all it's achievements and/or trophies...this ISN'T the same as being an achievement whore!

Thanks for reading!

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