Skyrim DLC expansion Dawnguard announced


6 years ago


Yeah I remember the Borderlands DLC being XB360 exclusive and for the first two weeks they were as broken as all hell.

A month later the PC versions are released and all fixed.
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ArenaNet details micro-transactions in Guild Wars 2


6 years ago


If I remember rightly they'll be doing the same thing as Guild Wars 1.

Option 1: Make a PvE character that can participate in PvP but needs levelling.

Option 2: Pay for a fully kitted out, already max level PvP Character BUT said PvP character can only operate in PvP and not in PvE (since, like mentioned below, gear progression is based on looks and not stats, people will be able to tell if you just bought the character or not).

Also Guild Wars 2 is built around 'looks' rather than 'gear stats' apparently once you get to high level all the gear becomes pretty much the same BUT the raiders get to show off their achievements by looking more impressive, however the sword they have will have the same stats as the sword gotten from a 5 man dungeon run.
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DC Universe Online


7 years ago

Erm..not sure which version you're playing but on the PC version the streets are quite full of NPC civilians wandering around and traffic on the roads, heck on my villain me and a hero got into a car fight by hurling passing cars at one another.

So I will kind of call Bullshit on that point, give me a mo and I'll go grab a screenshot to back up my point.

Yes...that is Zangief...as to why he is named Zanzibear...well I was originally going to call him Dangief...but I thought I should probably come up with something else close...but not really similar to it.

Needless to say I'm enjoying myself. I'm the first to admit the new 1-60 content introduced in Cata is bloody good but it's still WoW and by level 76 pretty much decided I'd had enough. DCUO DOES have flaws if you're a stat obsessed Min/Maxer who loves doing shot/spell rotations and the like it's probably not for you.

The chat system, as I think even everyone who likes DCUO, is bloody terrible especially on the PC version...it really needs a good overhaul before its anywhere near decent. An option to skip the tutorial would be nice, the fact it's the same for everyone and you have to run it on every character means you'll eventually want to pull your own teeth out playing it.

Champions Online made the same mistake of forcing a tutorial which they thought was 'dynamic and cool' onto people and they had to finally back down after a lot of people complained about running it over and over and over again.

The initial Customisation definitely could be better, the two main rivals (City of Heroes/Villains and Champions Online) blow it out of the water in that regard, especially the whole limited to 3 colours thing, that was a rather large 'wha?' moment for me since I played and still play City of Heroes, I feel that perhaps they've put too much stuff into the unlockables you get from hunting things down, there is a lot of them but...still...putting something like a Cowboy hat behind an investigation perhaps wasn't the most sensible move.

Right now DCUO has a lot of potential, if SOE do nothing for the next three months, they'll have fluffed it big time especially with something that stands out amongst the hotbar crowd of MMOs (even Champions Online did that).

The game is enjoyable, fast paced and I recommend anyone either sick of WoW to give it a try.

If you're not sure on this...then atleast try City of Heroes.
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Natural Born Killer


9 years ago

One thing kind of annoyed me about Fallout 3 (it leads to the topic at hand), sometimes the whole "kill one person in a settlement...no matter how much of a git they are and we'll all come after you" I'm looking at you Moriarty and Sister, you guys deserve a slegehammer to the back of the head.

All the characters in Megaton complain about Moriarty in some way or another and it is justified.

So there I am, deciding that I'm not going to pay the caps he wants for the information on my father. He's outside his saloon looking wistfully at the sunrise right by a railing.

I crouch and go into sneak mode, go up behind him, got into vats and launch a punch.

Now with a character who has the strength of 10 this sneak critical proceeded to pitch Moriarty over the balcony in a spectacular fashion, sending him spiralling far enough to accidently smack the Confessor on the noggin before he hits the ground.

So I proclaim outloud to the people of Megaton "I've killed the guy who was making all your lives miserable people, surely now the just and fair Lucas Simms can run the town?!"

No Lucas takes one look at the corpse of Moriarty, looks up at me on the balcony (flexin' me pecs for show) and opens fire.

The entire town joins in this pitched battle as I scurry from cover to cover, picking up weapons and ammuntion from wherever I can...(I left none alive, made myself a tidy profit from all the bottle caps in the various stashes of the stores). So I decided fine, you treat me like I'm a dangerous psychopath...I'll become a dangerous psychopath!

Up until this point I had been the good guy, doing what seemed right.

From that point on it became a whole different game, if you treated me nicely, you got treated nicely back...you talk to me with some kind of arrogance in your voice and I'm going to blow your head off. Of course once I'd gotten the Sandman perk I'd wait until whoever the particularly arrogant person in the settlement (there's always one) was asleep and murder them in their room with nobody watching...and then eat their corpse.

Keep in mind I had modded it with the GECK to turn every essential NPC into a non-essential one... so some quests got kind of broken, still managed to finish the main quest.
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