Starbound beta lands on PC, Mac and Linux today


4 years ago

@DigitalScars Same here, listed on my licenses and subscriptions but not on my games list. Upon re-entering the code Steam tells me to 'press next to begin installation', but the only buttons are back and finish. Ah well, hopefully be sorted soon.

@Dorick. Oh right, cheers!
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E3: Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced


9 years ago

YES! New 3D Mario and 2D Mario with multiplayer goodness. Even though I thought the rest of the conference was pretty terrible (I don't really like Metroid, though I'll admit it does look a lot different from the other ones) these two announcements alone make Nintendo's E3 a megaton for me. On a darker note, it has also confirmed that my Wii is nothing more than a 'nintendo game' box. Hopefully Sony's conference will impress.
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