UK chart: DmC Devil May Cry launch sales are just a third of Devil May Cry 4's


6 years ago

Best game ever, definitely on par if not better than the original series; the graphics were brilliant, the combat system was the best I've ever used in an action game and the story was brilliant and due to the unlockable difficulties and hidded collectibles the game has a great replay value.

I'm desperate for a sequel but It's risky since it would be hard to top that! but I cannot wait for 'Vergil's Downfall' which I'm sure will be amazing.

I will be honest though, as much as I love this reboot; which I would like to continue, If I could ask for one thing from the creators of the original DMC's is a conclusion to the original story rather than just leaving it at DMC4 that would put an end to all the hate on this DMC and possible sequels.

Apart from that, brilliant game from ninja theory, a game's never exceeded my expectations like this one has.
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