First accessible games suite opened

7 years ago

That's good, that's really good and soon they will have robot arms.
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Hardware Test: PS3 Slim

9 years ago

Richard Leadbetter sounds like an fan boy, he opened the box and found it had no bags unlike the XBOX360 box which has many and is edged out of being green because it's less environmentally friendly than the new PS3 slim.

Say it the way it is, Sony sells status and microsoft's XBOX department sells bullshit both of which are marketed in a cynical fasion, it's an exercise in masicism to love these brands.
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System Failure: Why PS3 and 360 drop dead for the same reasons

9 years ago

The x-clamp fix does work, the G.P.U. is pinned to the motherboard with bolts, through the metal case into the heatsink, in place of the loose x-clamps which in older consoles, that overheat, prevents the G.P.U. from springing loose at all and so fixes that hardware problem. The x-clamps work okay in the newer consoles for some other reason, perhaps because the other models use more electricity they produce more heat.
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