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Cast out of so-called paradise, I awoke among the dead
Sought in vain to scrape the nightmares from my weary head
It ever so happens that what I am (inside)
Is everything you call ugly, every love you despise
Now that you’ve laid me in the lowest pit, shall I praise you from down here?
Am I to chant, among the vermin, prayers to fall upon deaf ears?
Take me in your arms, take me to your bed
Set me a place at your table, let me in your head
And I’ll betray you, I’ll desecrate you
I’ll be your worst fears realized and brought to life
Spend a night inside this cage, you’ll learn to hate the hand that feeds you
I’ll teach your withered nerves to writhe, I’ll make you feel alive

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got no right to hunger or to thirst, to starve or to suffer at all
Those who have what you have not will gather around to watch you crawl
When your heart’s desires are unforgivable crimes, blasphemous to the castrates and voyeurs
They’ll parade your disgrace, and spit back in your face all the loves you held sacred and pure
As a slave’s only right is rebellion
As a thief’s only right is deception
As a whore’s only revenge is contempt
If you’re innocent, I’ll heap up enough sin
To buy the Kingdom of the Condemned
And I walk among the dead
Fighting to scrape your nightmares from my poisoned head
I’ll betray you, I’ll violate you–I’ll be your worst fears realized
Spend a night inside this cage, you’ll learn to hate the hand that feeds you
I’ll steal your heart, I’ll steal your soul, your very nerves
So I can feel
The ones you thought beneath you stand over you now
The ones you thought behind you stand before you now
The ones you thought could not hear are not deaf to you now
And the eyes you thought blind are following your every move
The homeless will sleep warm tonight
The starving will be fed tonight
The castout come back to haunt tonight
The havenots will get theirs tonight
The hopeless will have hope tonight, the worthless will have worth tonight
The weary will rest well tonight, the Holy sleep in Hell tonight
The first will be the last tonight, the last will be the first tonight
The mighty are brought low tonight
The havenots will get OURS–

Fuck going back to our cages: CHOOSE YOUR HEAVEN.

There’s nowhere left I can sleep
So I walk in the night
My heart still beating, burning with these desperate dreams
I’ll steal myself a bride
From the Land of the Dead
And we’ll watch from the water as your world goes up in flames

We’re corpses in their loving hands
Sleepwalking through a never never land
And when we wake from dreams there will be nothing fucking left
Will you dare to break your chains
To feel life pounding in your veins
Don’t settle for nothing


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