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Born on 1972, my first real console was an ATARI 2600. Before that, my dad assembled for me and my brother some electronic kits so we could play some variations of Pong.
After that, it was Spectrum 48k, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, PC (286@16 MHz - 1 MB RAM - 52 MB HD).

Right now, my PC is a 3.2 Prescott with 1 Gig RAM and 3 HDDs (1x160, 2x250) = 6600 GT Nvidia - Audigy 2 Soundblaster.
Yep, i know, i need an upgrade :( .

Console-wise the situation right now is:

PS2 - PS3 - Wii and finally Xbox 360 sitting below my TV set, and DS - PSP for journeys.
My N64 is resting in my closet with my game collection for it, waiting for my son to come of age to appreciate it ;)

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