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10 years ago

"apologising and groveling to everyone that might ever have been offended in the past."
I'm not apologizing and groveling, I'm simply saying that the west shares a blame concerning the shitty state of the world. Sorry, I suppose taking the view that past affects the present is just so terribly leftist or some shit, right?

"So, for the final time, in big letters, so you can grasp the point i'm saying the Arab world needs to take responsibilty for its own actions as well."
Did I say they shouldn't?

"There no one american right now forcing ANY iraqi's to shoot each other."
Yeah, I mentioned this by mentioning the state the Middle East is in is because of Western influences, various age old conflicts, and religious problems. I suppose you didn't see that admist my apologies and your skimming.

"and the idea of the Arab world, when one of them actually tries doing something different from the rest, maybe i'll not lump them togeather"
So what are basing this little opinion on? Now you make it sound like the whole Arab world is one like and single minded entity out to kill the West. I suppose the Arab bigots view the West in like terms though. So you really are no different than those dirty Arabs, eh?

"As for putting myself in others shoes, please, take your moralistic high horse some where else, i dont see many arabs putting themsevles in their wives shoes, or the locals thieves glove. note the singular."
The extremists minority, and it is a minority, does not justify those views. Is sexism and cruel punishments like that a lot more prevalent there? Yes, I will not deny that. Why is that though? Well because for a long time Arab states have tried to isolate themselves from the West. Why is that? Well Christian nations have a nice little history of trying to kill their culture. We owe this culture a lot but we still tried to kill it. Perhaps if we didnt try to kill their culture, religion, and peoples in the past they would have been exposed to the ideals of the European enlightenment.

"Again, Africa at this stage has been given every chance, and f*cked it away."
I cant blame them. Until the late part of THIS century they have been a political minority within their own lands while the racial minority enacted racist policies against them. Would you be so willing to trust whitey 20 years after? 40? How long until you were convinced that, perhaps these people mean to do some good?

Seriously, go read about the history of the Arab and African countries, go read about what we are still doing in these nations today, and ask yourself would you trust European or North American countries? I can bet you wouldnt. Keep in mind that until the late part of the 20th century blacks were a political minority in their own land and there was still a white minority running the country and treating them as inferiors for no other reason than that. If you were African you might be a bit paranoid as to whether there are any strings attached to that hand-out the West is giving you. If you were an Arab and your country had been many refugees from Palestine you would be mad at Israel too, you would be mad at Europe for deciding it had the right to displace those people, and you would be mad at America for supplying weapons to Israel. So stop being a xenophobic twat and perhaps consider the reasons behind this seemingly irrational hatred of the West. Its deeper than "their women dont wear viels".

You seem to consider Islam a bit of a barbaric religion, but keep in mind it is heavily influenced by Judaism and by Christianity, albeit its a bit of a spin of both religions. However you go and read some of the books of the Bible and tell me that there is no sexism. You tell me that the Old Testament doesnt condone slavery. Hell the New Testament tells slaves to only try to gain freedom if lawfully possible and otherwise to just do their good old slave duties. You seem to consider Islam as a bit of a barbaric religion, well its no more than its sister religions.

Or just stop breathing. Either way really works.
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10 years ago

"this is just one more arab pissed of at the west, trying to dress it up as art."
Fine, you can think that but look at history. You would be pissed at the West if you an Arab too. That's the idea, putting yourself in someone else's shoes. This isn't some freedom hater from the sounds of it, but rather someone trying to use our freedoms for the exact purpose we have them, to provoke discussion and such.

"Good article. No reason this kind of writing can't fit in alongside "funny reviews and news for games"."
Critical thought makes some people hurt their noggin.

"I seem to remember Al Qaeda slamming two planes into a couple of buildings resulting in the deaths of thousands of American civilians. Odd that the US government doesn't want an Al Qaeda propaganda game being shown then.

Anyway I'm sure we are all looking forward to the game where you can play a jihadi and blow up London busses. It will surely be thought provoking and interesting and prove some kind of point."
Funny thing about BOTH the US and UK terrorist attack. On 9/11 the military could not respond because a training exercise made it too confusing to figure out which blips were real and which were fake. In that London subway incident there was a training exercise too that day which made it hard for there to be any quick and real response. What's next, Congress or your House of Commons being lit on fire?

"Oh, you must mean films like Platoon, Apocalypse now, Rambo (first blood!), etc, which were lovely and shiny happy propaganda films
Those were also released after the conflict in question was over.

"Let's all make a holocaust game where you play as the germans and wipe out the jews!"
Because there are countless similarities between shooting armed soldiers and shooting unarmed people in the back of the head. Would I object to that game being created, well yes on a moral basis, but freedom of speech and all that.

And to anomagnus in general, go read history books before commenting on this. There is a reason the fund terrorism. We have trampled on them. Just like we have trampled on Africa. Just like how for years South America was a pawn of American foreign policy. Go, expand your views, and then come back. This is complex history and not something that can be simply summed up in one little paragraph. Close minded world views like yours are bringing the world into another Cold War, it seems. If you view the Arab world as one entity it just proves your ignorance. You know the Bush Axis of Evil? Well Iran and Iraq (under Saddam) would not be part of the same Axis. Both may not like America but neither would ever work together thanks to the leaders of both belonging to different sects of Islam that, traditionally and even more so today, do not get along. What a lame axis is the three countries aren't even friendly with each other. The Arab world is not one entity, it's divided by religion and politics, just like any place else. Any goal they all share is minor when you compare the violent histories that seperate them and that they're still living. The Arab's are as much a singular entity as the rest of the world is. That is to say, very simply, they are not united. They see eye to eye on some ideas but, well, they still have a lot of problems brought about by the fact that we keep corrupt leaders in power (Saudi royalty anyone) and the masses have nothing because of that. Oh, and Bush would have found a way in Iraq. After all, Saddam and Osama would not have been the types to talk to each other (religious differences again would supercede the America-hating) so Saddam had nothing to do with the two towers other than the fact his skin color is the same as those who flew the planes.

"(When did "liberal" become a negative word?)"
I imagine it has to do with the fact that the conservatives took words like "family" and "God" for themselves and made the liberals out to be family hating heathen (and baby killing abortionists) and we just stood-by and let it happen.

"If base on the same logic, COD4 is recruitment tool, tooo.."
Well as mentioned CoD4 does not paint any particular side in good light.

Anywho, long post and I'll let others making comments because, well, neither side will see eye to eye.
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10 years ago

Just want to say that it's articles like this that made me respect EG, aside from being good reviewers you also try to be journalists when everyone else is just putting out tabloids. I posted this on my Facebook because it is an interesting read. I play Call of Duty 2 and the like a lot and I know in the end it's a war game, and war games do lean very heavily on being propaganda (that being said I'm liking how Call of Duty 4 is handling the subject manner so far, but I'm not too far in it). Games are going to be the next big tool for propaganda, it's very obvious of that. It's easier to dehumanize a person if you also allow your target audience to shoot them in the face. We've seen the smaller groups (the KKK made a game where you kill minorities, as an example) while America is obviously treading more carefully with AA and trying to not make the subject matters too different from Counter-Strike while still being propaganda (I don't consider CS propaganda because I always viewed it as an extension of cops and robbers, which I assume we all played as kids, while AA is meant to try to glorify the military and what they're doing).

As a gaming topic, I really don't see anything offensive about it. Shooting Americans is no more offensive than shooting Arabs, in my books. In the game they're generic enemies, hell you could reskin the enemies to be Klingons and all the posters to be Federation related and it could be one of those time traveling episodes of Star Trek. I think that's probably part of the point he wants to bring up, games that do deal with real war and conflicts are, to an extent, automatic propaganda on the basis on the fact that they dehumanize the enemy. EG bashed the new Soldiers of Fortune game for being simply propaganda so I like they wrote this article to show the other side of the coin; too see how someone who has seen both sides thinks.

As a political topic it's important too, without a doubt. North America is willing to give up freedom for security, and that never ends up well. At best it's a momentary craze that goes away. At worst it's just fascism in disguise. I'm not sure how things are faring in Europe, I can only hope you people have learned the dangers of this situation already but people are dense.
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