Facebook's Triumph


8 years ago

"Moreover, the simple action of entering your card details makes it quite clear just how much money you're spending, and what you're spending it on - a degree of transparency which is laudable, but perhaps not particularly good business sense."

You are advocating deceiving the consumer with confusing numbers. Online prices should have a clear indication of how much you're spending and not force you to buy too many points, meaning that you're left over with useless credits that you just have to spend on another game (having topped them up with more of course...).

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009


9 years ago

zzyzx: From the review: "The Nintendo WFC page in-game has a download option for acquiring new data, but there's nothing available at the time of writing."

Actionloop Twist


10 years ago

How can you give 9/10 to a game that costs 7 for what is essentially a glorified flash game you can get free on the internet?