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Private matchmaking coming to Destiny

Select your own map and mode, participate in cash-prize tournaments and more.

Destiny is to introduce private matches for the first time when new expansion Rise of Iron releases later this year.

Revealed as part of Bungie's gamescom stream, it allows players to create their own custom matches, from one-on-one battles to player-created tournaments.

Options seem to be pretty wide-ranging - you can select the game type, map and its time of day, various score and time limits, and whether vehicles will appear on selected maps.

You can also select whether Light Level is active, meaning gear will have a greater impact during play, similar to activities Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris.

You'll be able to earn rewards, too. While only Rare gear will drop - and items such as the Exotic-giving Three of Coins won't work - you will earn Crucible Reputation for completed matches, as well as progress made towards Daily Crucible Bounties and Gunsmith weapons.

Private matches will also support player-created tournaments, with Bungie opening the door to allowing cash prizes "in some instances". As part of that, they're also finally adding the much-requested ability to allow players to view their Clan roster in-game as well.

All Destiny owners will be able to create and play in Custom matches later this year - though only those with Rise of Iron will be able to select the latest maps and modes.

Bungie also confirmed that a total of three new maps will be coming in Rise of Iron - Last Exit, Floating Gardens and Skyline - as well as the previously confirmed PS4 exclusive map, Icarus.

The stream also revealed a few new details about the expansion's new Strike and Raid - so be wary of some light spoilers.

The Wretched Eye Strike is available once the main story is over, and culminates in a boss battle against a Fallen Captain who has attached the eye of an Ogre to his weapon for extra firepower. Said Ogre is also blind, and is charging around the arena trying to get you, so expect to take them both down at once.

The new Wrath of the Machine Raid, meanwhile, will see players scaling the inside of the Cosmodrome wall, and when they reach the top, are greeted by a huge charging robot boss encounter - which forces players to flee and escape back down to the surface again with what looks like a leap of faith from the side of the towering structure.

Destiny Rise of Iron launches on September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One. Players have until then to complete this year's Moments of Triumph activities for a series of exclusive rewards.

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