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Prison Architect gets a Halloween treat

"We will probably patch it out before we get sued into oblivion."

Introversion's penitentiary running sim Prison Architect has added what the developer calls a "Halloween egg," i.e. an Easter egg on Halloween. While the developer wanted people to stumble upon its quirky, potentially copyright-infringing holiday-themed joke unawares, creator Chris Delay ultimately decided that he wanted people to see it before Halloween is over and it gets removed.

"Of course we wanted players to be taken completely by surprise by this, and many of our players have already had the fun of discovering it in game. (Leading to some freaked out forum posts). But we wanted a wider audience to see it before Halloween ends," said Delay in an e-mail to Eurogamer. "After that we will probably patch it out before we get sued into oblivion."

So here's the gag: Build a prison with a large enough yard and you'll see your inmates behaving somewhat peculiarly. Check it out in the video below.

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Prison Architect

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