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Sony Europe quiet on Euro PSN cards

Retailer says they're out in October.

Sony has told Eurogamer it has no information about pre-paid PSN cards that one retailer claims will be available in Europe within months.

PS3-Sense reported (thanks NeoGAF, via Kotaku) that a Belgian retailer was listing €20 and €50 versions of the cards for release on 1st October.

Pre-paid cards provide people without credit or debit cards access to PSN funds to purchase games, add-on content, films and telly shows.

"I have no details on Euro PSN cards I'm afraid," an SCEE spokesperson told us on Tuesday.

The spokesperson also pointed out: "Those PSN cards are US images altered to have the Euro sign." To be fair, the retailer's open about that, which we missed in our first draft of this report, but the underlying point remains: they believe they are coming, Sony Europe says it doesn't know anything about them at this stage.

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