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Pre-orders on that limited translucent PS4 Pro are live now

Update: Now available in the USA.

Update 24/08/2018: It turns out, US retailers decided to skip the whole pre-order business and just put the consoles up for sale on launch day. That means, if you're quick (and lucky) you can buy a limited edition PS4 Pro 500 Million edition right now from the below retailers.

Be aware that when things are this limited, stock levels can come and go through the day as people's orders are cancelled or cards are declined, so keep checking.

You can also pick up the Limited 500 Million headset for $99.99, and the 500 Million DualShock 4 for $64.99.

Update 10:02AM: As of right now, the last batch of limited 500 Million PS4 Pro consoles is up for pre-order at Amazon UK. I give it five minutes before selling out, so get in there quick.

Update 3:55PM: PlayStation UK's Twitter account has now confirmed that, due to Amazon UK having a technical error when setting pre-orders live this morning, Amazon UK pre-orders will begin properly at 10 AM (BST) tomorrow morning (15th August at the time of writing.) You're going to want to stalk this page right here in order to snag yourself a console when the pre-orders go live again.

Original story: The keen-eyed readers amongst you may have spotted Wes' article last week about Sony's unveiling of its upcoming limited edition PS4 Pro in a gorgeous translucent blue colour scheme. Well, as of 10 AM (BST) today, you can order one of those.

There will only be 50,000 of the limited PS4 Pro released, each individually numbered and packed with a 2TB hard drive, priced at £449.99 by defaykt, The DualShock is less limited but will cost you £54.99 and the official PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is also being released, for £77.99.

Here's where you can find these:

Limited Edition PS4 Pro

Limited Edition DualShock 4

Limited Edition Wireless Headset

I'll update the list above if any more places put their pre-orders live, but for right now, these are your best bet.

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