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Portables top Japanese hardware charts

PSP edges out DS for top spot.

Japan's love affair with portable gaming systems continues as the PSP and Nintendo DS topped the regional sales charts for the week ending April 25.

Media Create reports Sony's PSP barely edged out the Nintendo DS is total weekly sales, selling 30,302 units to Nintendo's 30,105.

The slight majority of total DS sales took the form of the larger DSi LL, which sold 16,676 units for the week. The DSi sold 10,640 units while the DS Lite only had 2789 sales for the week.

Sony's PSPgo continues to represent a tiny part of the total PSP market, selling only 1544 units for the week.

Sony also edged out Nintendo in Japan's home console market for the week, selling 25,629 PS3s to the Wii's 23,691. The PS3 also had the week's top-selling Japanese game in Nier Replicant.

As usual, Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold well behind its current-generation console brethren, with only 2214 Japanese sales for the week. Microsoft did manage to hold off the ancient PS2, though, which is still selling 1490 systems weekly.

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