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Pokémon Unite purposefully hides the score to avoid rage quits

Avoid a Tyrantrum.

Some Pokémon Unite players have been annoyed at a little quirk in the game: you can't see the scoreboard.

For such a competitive game, that may seem like an oversight. However, it's been done on purpose.

According to a report by Kotaku, developer TiMi Studio Group decided not to show the score to avoid player dropouts.

"The matches last ten minutes and players have the possibility of making a comeback, so we wanted people to play without giving up to the very end," said Masaaki Hoshino, Pokémon Unite's producer.

The plan appears to be working. Despite the game featuring an option to surrender, few players ever use it. Hiding the score gives the illusion that a comeback is possible, even though players can never really be sure.

The lack of rage quitting certainly fits the more wholesome, family friendly ethos of the Pokémon series.

TiMi Studio Group is continuing to update the game, not only adding in new characters like Greedent for its Halloween Festival, but smaller quality of life tweaks too.

"We are constantly listening to our fans," said Hoshino. "As part of that, we have implemented held item enhancer tickets and trial tickets [in a September update] to make the process of picking held items a more-enjoyable and rewarding experience for players."

If you're confused by all the playable Pokémon, check out our tier list.

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