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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Zygarde Cube, Akala Island, Heahea City, Tide Song Hotel

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Now you've finished up with Ten Carat Hill, it looks like you're accompanying Lillie for a little while longer yet, as she, Hau, and Kukui all accompany you to Akala Island's Heahea City after you've defeated Kahuna Hala.

As soon as you're off the boat here, a lady called Olivia, accompanied by another who goes by Mallow, greets you at the port. Mallow is one of the Island's Captains it turns out, too.

Heahea City, Zygarde Cube, and Tide Song Hotel

There are three trials here on Akala Island, the first being the other side of Route 4 and Paniola Town. Lillie, meanwhile, is keen to check out the Ruins of Life with Nebby, which house the sacrad guardian Pokémon Tapu Lele.

Lille runs off ahead to do a spot of shopping and then, apparently, meet someone over at the Tide Song Hotel. To the east, a trainer on the back of their Stoutland are blocking the way beyond the Pokémon Center, and so for now there's little else of note in the town. There's not much else to do but heal up and head north.

On the way to the Tide Song Hotel to see Lillie however, you'll be stopped by an odd pair, Dexio and Sina. These two unsual characters decide they need to battle you - although it's only one of them, depending on your version, who does the dirty work. Defeat them, and they'll give you the Zygarde Cube, a strange object used for collecting the Cores and Cells of Zygarde.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Zygarde CubeFrom Dexio and Sina, after defeating them
Zygarde CellGreen sparkle in top left corner of Hotel lobby, behind dancer.
Dexio (Sun)Slowpoke
Sina (Moon)Delibird

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You'll begin to see a lot of these Zygarde Cells and Cores dotted around the islands of Alola now. The Cells, of which there are 100, appear as a green sparkle, whilst the rarer Cores are pink.

Talk to Lillie at the Hotel, and it'll turn out she's been stood up by whoever she was meeting, but you can still collect a Zygarde Cell over on the left hand side of the lobby, before moving on to Route 4.

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