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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 3, Melemele Meadow, Seaward Cave, Red Card

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

With your first Trial with Captain Ilima done, it's on to Route 3 - a rocky, winding route that curves around the top of Melemele Island, with the secret Melemle Meadow and Seabound Cave, a variety of wild Pokémon, and eventually a connection back to your home.

Your task here, having come from Captain Ilima's Trial at Verdant Cavern, is to find Kukui's lost assistant Lillie, and then head onwards again towards Iki Town, Ten Carat Hill, and beyond.

Route 3 - catch Spearow for a trade

At first, just focus on tackling Route 3 like any other, forgetting Lillie for the moment - she's fine, don't worry - and investigating everything you need to from the route's beginning. There are also a couple of things you can do on Route 3 - like catching a Spearow - which complete mini quests given to you in the Pokémon Center back on Route 2, so pop back there after doing those to get a few extra rewards too.

After you've done everything you need to here, head round the right-hand bend and southwards, as the route straightens out, until you see an interesting-looking entrance off the route to the left-hand side. Could Lillie be through here?

Either way, when you come back out of Melemele Meadow there are a few more items and trainers to consider, so we've included them all together in the lists below:

ItemWhere to findNotes
Heal BallBottom right of northernmost plataeu with long grass on it
Stardust (Hidden)in the central narow path round the corner, hidden in the small alcove into the rocky walls
Sharp Beakother side of wall to the Stardust, in lower most narrow path round bend
Soothe Bellfrom man in hat by cliff edge and long grass, at south end of route
Super Potionacross the bridge at end of route, on the right
Sitrus x2, Cheri, Pecha, and Leppa Berriesbeneath tree other side of bridge
Nest Ballby grass with berry tree, other side of bridge
Red Cardfrom beating Ace Trainer
TM83 InfestationHalfway down route on far right, behind rocks (Tauros Charge)
Rising Star IanPsyduckLvl.12
Rising Star TatianaPetililLvl.13
Rising Star JoshuaGrowlitheLvl.13
Ace Trainer MakanaRockruff

Route 3 - Melemele Meadow, Seaward Cave, and where to find Lillie

Through that exit from Route 3 you'll find the tucked-away Melemele Meadow, a charming little yellow-flowered retreat from the main routes of the island with some unique Pokémon, and a strange, secret cave...

Lillie is indeed here, and it turns out she's lost Nebby again, who's run off to the other side of the meadow. Have an explore of the area, catching some unusual Pokémon and collecting a few items as you go, and then head over to grab Nebby for Lillie and get moving again.

The most interesting thing about this little area isn't the yellow flowers though - it's the hidden passage off to Seaward cave. Access it by crawling through a small hole in the wall at the bottom left end of the meadow. You'll want to come back here when you have access to Ride Pokémon with the ability to Rock Smash and Surf, but for now, explore it for the items and Pokémon that are available, at least.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Great BallBottom muddy path, next to a rock
Honeyon bottom near-side of central yellow flower area
Net BallOn muddy path near hidden cave entrance
HoneyOther side of large rock near guy looking for his girlfriend
Escape RopeInside Seaward Cave, near entrance.
Heal BallInside cave
Never-Melt IceCave, head down and right, as far downhill as possible at end of central path
Super PotionCave, head downhill and left
Stardust (Hidden)Cave, in largest central rock of the cluster by heading down and left
Star Piece (Hidden)Cave, in rock at end of a side path, heading downhill after the rock cluster above
Net BallKala'ae Bay, on sand after exiting bottom of cave.
Expert BeltBehind smashable rocks in chain of ledgesRequires Ride Tauros Charge
Rowlet / Litten / Popplio

Need more tips? Use our Pokémon Sun and Moon Walkthrough and guide for the main story, our competitive training guide for info on IVs, EV training, Hyper Training and bottle cap farming, and breeding explained, our choice of the best Pokémon Sun and Moon starter from Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, as well as an in-progress list of where to find Zygarde Cells and Cores and our guide to the Battle Tree and both Battling and Trading in the Festival Plaza. We also have a list of QR codes list, Z Crystal locations, Mega Stone locations, Eevium Z Eevee User locations for Extreme Evoboost, evolutions for Alolan Forms and other new Sun and Moon Pokémon and fast way to increase a Pokémon's Happiness, plus how to transfer across Ash-Greninja from the Sun and Moon Demo, where to catch the Tapu Guardians, how to catch the Ultra Beasts, and how to download the Munchlax Mystery Gift.

After you exit Melemele Meadow, having returned Nebby to Lillie, Hau rocks up fresh from his own Trial, and challenges you to a battle. When you defeat him, carry on southwards until you come out from Route 3 back at Route 1. The rest of the trainers and items are listed in the Route 3 section, above.

Next up, it's your Melemele Grand Trial!

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