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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 5, Ride Lapras, Captain Lana's Trial, Brooklet Hill, Totem Wishiwashi and Waterium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Now you've finished up on Paniola Ranch, Route 5 is your path to the Trial with Captain Lana, up at Brooklet Hill ahead. You won't be able to move on to Route 6 just yet, thanks to a row of troublesome Sudowoodo blocking the path to the south.

Instead, it's time to head north, through Route 5, to the Trial of Captain Lana, Brooklet Hill, and your next Z Crystal, Waterium Z.

Route 5 - Gladion and heading north

As you head north to Route 5, you'll meet a Trial Guide who suggests you'll need to beat all the trainers on Route 5 to prove your strength. You actually can't do that just yet, as there's a separate part of Route 5 the other side of a one-way ledge up ahead, which can only be accessed from Route 8, further along in your journey.

Instead, your main obstacle on Route 5 is Gladion, a rogueish trainer who seems to work for Team Skull in a kind of freelance capacity - although he certainly has the attitude to fit right in.

You'll have to fight him and his unusual Pokémon when he challenges you, but otherwise Route 5 is relatively unremarkable, but for a few trainers, Pokémon and items as you'd expect.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Super PotionHeading straight up, in front of some rocks
Star PieceFar right, up in the rockface past the grass
TM41 Tormenton rocky ridge to the right (access through long grass)
Revives x3from Hala after defeating Gladion
TM57 Charge Beamtop of a dead end with long grass, to the left of the route
Persim, Cheri, Rawst BerriesBerry tree
Dire Hitfisherman in Pokémon Center
Twins Isa and NicoIgglybuff
Breeder YukaMorelull
Type: Null
Breeder CoryParas
Rising Star Duo Lauren and JustinVullaby

Brooklet Hill - Ride Lapras, Lana's Trial, Waterium Z and Totem Wishiwashi

After healing up at the Pokémon Center at the top of Route 5 and ensuring you're prepared, head into Brooklet Hill. There, you'll find Captain Lana, one of Akala Island's three Captains, waiting for you.

She'll register the Ride Lapras to your Ride Pager, which lets you surf on water! You'll need it to tackle her trial, first and foremost.

For the trial itself, you'll need to keep investigating strange disturbances in the water of Brooklet Hill's various lakes and pools. As you progress, Lana will tease that the legendary Kyogre is in fact a resident here - but she's only winding you up. Something's causing these disturbances in the water though, so keep chasing it to the next pool on your Lapras as you go!

Eventually, as a storm gathers overhead, you'll discover that it is infact a wild Wishiwashi - but not just any Wishiwashi, one which uses the ability to gather into a menacing school form. Defeat it, and you'll complete the trial.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Net Ballon the sand as you exit the first bridge
Elixir (Hidden)on the muddy track next to the first patch of grass
X Sp. Atk Next to Backpacker Mikiko on the left by waterfall
Revive bit of land you go to after first Wishiwashi
Max Repel (Hidden) in small bit between two patches of long grass, after first Wishiwashi
TM55 ScaldAfter second Wishiwashi, head right from that pool, through the grass, to a dead end with the TM.
Hyper Potionhead left after the trial starts, on the sand.
Waterium Zfrom Lana for completing the trial
Fishing rodas above
Dive Balls x10as above
Fisherman ErnestBarboach
Fisherman HerbertPoliwagLvl.17
Backpacker MikikoFletchingLvl.17
Fisherman CarlMagikarp
Totem WishiwashiAlly Wishiwashi
Ally Alomomola

Need more tips? Use our Pokémon Sun and Moon Walkthrough and guide for the main story, our competitive training guide for info on IVs, EV training, Hyper Training and bottle cap farming, and breeding explained, our choice of the best Pokémon Sun and Moon starter from Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, as well as an in-progress list of where to find Zygarde Cells and Cores and our guide to the Battle Tree and both Battling and Trading in the Festival Plaza. We also have a list of QR codes list, Z Crystal locations, Mega Stone locations, Eevium Z Eevee User locations for Extreme Evoboost, evolutions for Alolan Forms and other new Sun and Moon Pokémon and fast way to increase a Pokémon's Happiness, plus how to transfer across Ash-Greninja from the Sun and Moon Demo, where to catch the Tapu Guardians, how to catch the Ultra Beasts, and how to download the Munchlax Mystery Gift.

The Totem Wishiwashi can cause you some real trouble if you don't play it right, but in actual fact it's the supporting Pokémon, like Alomomola, that can really mess you up if left untended. Use status effects wherever possible, and don't be afraid to rotate your team when the time is right.

Also, bear in mind that once you get it's HP low enough, the Wishiwashi will come out of its school form and become just a standard Wishiwashi, with drastically reduced stats. If you have any powerful Grass or Electric-type moves, now's the time to bring them out to get it low!

Once you finish, Lana will grant you not only the Z Crystal Waterium Z, but also a Fishing Rod - which can now only be used on bubbling clusters of underwater rocks, rather than anywhere with water - and 10 Dive Balls for catching Water Pokémon, too. With that all wrapped up, your next task is to tackle those pesky Sudowoodo and visitRoute 6, the Battle Royal Dome, Route 7 and beyond...

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