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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 4, Paniola Town, Paniola Ranch, Ride Stoutland, Pokémon Nursery

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Now you've finished up in Heahea City for now, it's on to Route 4.

There's nothing too important of note on this route, but it does lead on to the Western-themed Paniola Town, and Paniola Ranch, home to the Pokémon Nursery - this generation's version of the Pokémon Daycare - your first chance to use Ride Stoutland to search out hidden items, and the way forward to your first Trial on Akala Island.

Route 4

Head east from the Hotel district of HeaHea City to reach the winding Route 4, which plays home to a relaively run-of-the-mill selection of items, trainers, and Pokémon. That being said, there's a chance to get your hands on the generation-exclusive Mudbray for the first time here, and the rare Igglybuff, too.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Great BallThrough first patch of long grass on right
Tiny Mushroom (Hidden)In rock at end of narrow path Eastwards
Zygarde CellUp the slope and immediately below you and the lady in the hat
Revivebehind trainer up the ramp and to the left, through long grass
Adrenaline Orbround to the right past the sightseer, then doubling back on yourself through the long grass
Energie Rootbelow the patch of grass after Cook Ernie
Lum, Iapapa, Figy, Mago Berriesunder berry tree
Bellhop JodyDrifloonLvl.14
Collector BryanMunchlax
Sightseer ScottyRattataLvl.14
Cook ErnieCutieflyLvl.14

Paniola Town

There's arguably even less of note up in Paniola Town, which is more style than substance for now. As you enter, your pal Hau turns pu for a quick battle - he heals you first though, so don't worry too much.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Dire Hitfrom Hau after defeating him
Quick Ballfromthe middle of three Magmar, on the second floor corridor of the house to the left of the Pokémon Center.

Paniola Ranch - Ride Stoutland Search, Pokémon Nursery breeders

Things get a little more interesting as you head north from Paniola Town and into Paniola Ranch. Here, you'll find Captain Mallow, who grants you Stoutland and its Search ability for your Ride Pager - use it to search for hidden items on the ground! It's slow, but enormously useful, and as you expect there are plenty of hidden items dotted around Paniola Ranch for you to test it out.

You'll also find a particularly grumpy Tauros in the corner of one of the meadows. Talking to the trainers nearby, even the normally soothing Miltank can't calm it down, so it's down to you to let it blow off some steam in a battle!

Over at the Pokémon Nursery, meanwhile, you'll discover that things work a little differently here than at the Daycare centres of old. Instead of raising your Pokémon's level, now it's simply a case of being a breeding ground, or somewhere to leave your Pokémon for a bit. There's also no cost, which is nice, and you'll also receive a Pokémon Egg for talking to them - ours hatched into an Eevee!

There's also a lady inside the Nursery who gives you the TM for Hidden Power, and will tell you what Power your Pokémon can learn with it.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Stoutland Search Ride PagerFrom Mallow
Scope LensFrom Wesley after defeating the Tauros
MooMoo Milk (Hidden)by trough at top of field
Repel (Hidden)By hay bales along bottom of field
Fresh Water (Hidden)by the pair of Tauros on left of field
Soda Pop (Hidden)In long grass of second field
Zygarde Celltop right corner of second field
Super Repel Second patch of grass below ramp
Etherbottom left corner of second field
TM10 Hidden Power Lady on the left in Nursery
Amulet Coinbehind red truck by Nursery
Oval Stone (Hidden) in small fenced area containing hay bales and a crate, near Nursery
Big Mushroom (Hidden) Long grass on right by truck
Heal Ball Below that patch of grass
Pokémon Breeder WesleyTaurosLvl.15
Pokémon Breeder GlennMudbrayLvl.15
Pokémon Breeder AmandaLillipup
Gentleman GeraldSabeleyeLvl.15
Madame ElizabethCarbinkLvl.15

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Before you move on to Route 5 and your first Trial on the island, snap a quick photo with the Pokéfinder of Lillipup, just before you hit the next route.

To Route 5!

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