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Pokémon Go Referral Program: Rewards and how to find and use Referral Codes explained

Gotta catch your friends!

The Referral Program is a new way for experienced Pokémon Go players to encourage people to try out the game or to bring former players back into the Pokémon Go fold.

This program is accessed by giving a new or returning player your personal Referral Code and successfully referring a player will allow both of you to earn a number of Referral Program rewards.

The Referral Program is now available to every Pokémon Go player across the world, after successfully completing a trail run in Australia.

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Referral Program for Pokémon Go explained

The Referral Program for Pokémon Go is available to both new and returning players, with the latter being people who haven't played the game in over 90 days.

As of Wednesday, 31st March, the Referral Program is available worldwide after completing the trail in Australia.

Giving a player your Referral Code will allow them to access the Referral Program rewards which will reward both of you as the referred player completes specific feats in Pokémon Go.

If you want access to the Referral Program rewards, however, you must ensure that both you and the referred player, or vice versa as may be the case, are in-game Friends and stay this way until you've unlocked all of the Referral Program rewards. If you don't, then these quests and the Referral Program rewards will not be available to you.

The Friends Cap in Pokémon was increased to 400 on Tuesday, 6th April, which is great for players who've previously filled their Friend's List. You can also open 30 Gifts per day.

Finally, there is also a new medal dedicated to the Referral Program, titled the Friend Finder.

Where to find and use Referral Codes in Pokémon Go explained

Referrals for Pokémon Go work by giving a new or returning player your Referral Code, which can be accessed by pressing 'Invite' which is located at the top of your Friends List.

Doing this will allow you to see your current Referral Code, which can be refreshed, as well as the ability to both share or copy it.

You can find your Referral Code by pressing Invite in your Friends List.

Returning players can then input this code via the Friend menu to access the Referral Program rewards.

New players, however, have the option to input it during the signup process or on the Friends menu once they've created their account. It should be noted, however, that you'll only have 72 hours to input the Referral Code via the Friends menu.

If you're a new player, we suggest inputting the Referral Code at the beginning of the signup process, simply because it saves time as the Friend's request to your referrer will be automatically sent as you make your account

Using a Referral Code as a new player.

Once the new or returning player has used the Referral Code, the referrer will need to ensure they accept the referred player's Friend request to unlock the Referral Program rewards for both players. To earn all of the Referral Program rewards, you must both remain of each other's Friends Lists until the referred players completes all of the quests.

After you've added the person to your Friends List, both of you will be able to find the list of Referral Quests and rewards on the dedicated page for that player.

The Referral Program from both the referred players and the referrer's perspective.

Only the referred player can complete these quests, as they are designed to encourage them to start playing again and experiment with new game features they have missed, but both players can earn rewards from the quests completion.

The Referred Player will also receive a gift of 100 PokéBalls for using the code, which will give them a great start in their Pokémon journey. The referrer, however, will receive 50 Stardust.

The Season of Timeless Travels has arrived in Pokémon Go! The Along the Routes event is here, bringing Gift Exchange and the A Route to New Friendships quest with it. During it, take the time to try out Routes and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Referral Program rewards in Pokémon Go explained

There are a number of rewards available to you through the Pokémon Go Referral Program whether you're the referrer or the player who used the Referral Code.

These rewards will be unlocked as the new or returning player completes certain feats within the game and differ depending on whether or not you're the one who used the Referral Code.

It's important to note that, to access these rewards, you must both have each other on your Friends List.

You'll then be able to collect the Referral Program rewards once they're unlocked by visiting the dedicated Friend page for that specific player. Though only the referred player will be able to see the progress towards that reward, meaning the referrer will simply have to wait and take occasionally to see if they have an item or Pokémon encounter awaiting the.

Thank you to BobbingheadYT from reddit for the help with this information.

Here are the current Referral Program quests and their rewards:

Referral Code QuestNew or Returning Player RewardExisting Player Reward
Hatch 3 Eggs1 Rare CandyGalarian Farfetch'd encounter
Catch 50 Pokémon 1 Super IncubatorDarumaka encounter
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket GruntsCharizard encounterCharizard encounter
Win 3 RaidsLapras encounter1 Premium Battle Pass
Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader50 Mega Charizard Energy50 Mega Charizard Energy
Hatch 20 EggsChansey encounterDeino encounter
Trade 5 Pokémon10 Pidgey stickers10 Pidgey stickers
Win a Raid1 Premium Battle PassBagon encounter
Make 2 new friends10 Pikachu stickers10 Pikachu stickers
Purify 20 Shadow Pokémon5 Premium Battle Passes10 Rare Candies
Evolve 100 PokémonUnknown Pokémon encounter1 Super Incubator
Reach Ultra Buddy with a Pokémon3 Super Incubators5 Super Incubators
Complete 25 Field Research tasks 3 Premium Battle Passes1 Incense
Reach Great Buddy with a Pokémon5 Rare CandiesUnknown Pokémon encounter
Visit PokéStops 30 days in a rowUnknown Pokémon encounterUnknown Pokémon encounter

Good luck with the Referral Program!

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