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Pokémon GO is the top-grossing iOS app in the US and Australia

AR you surprised?

Free-to-play augmented-reality scavenger hunt Pokémon GO isn't just the most downloaded app in the countries its premiered - the US, Australia and New Zealand - but also the top-grossing iOS app in these territories.

According to App Annie, Pokémon GO has bested the likes of Mobile Strike and Game of War - Fire Age, which came in second and third respectively in the US. And we're not just comparing it to other games too, as it's making even more money than non-gaming apps like Spotify.

That means Pokémon GO's microtransaction system, in which players pay for Pokécoins to in turn buy Pokéballs, is working well.

Developer Niantic, Inc. noted on its blog that Pokémon GO "will be available in other countries around the world in the days ahead."

In the meantime, there's a workaround to play it on Android early in the UK. There are rumours that this could get players banned, though these have yet to be confirmed.

Playing Pokémon Go? Check out our Pokémon Go guide and beginner's tips to get the most out of finding, catching and leveling up.

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