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Pokémon Go Great League Remix - Banned list and alternative recommendations explored

The list of banned Pokémon in the Remix League - and a list of suggestions to build your team around.

The list of banned Pokémon in Pokémon Go's Great League Remix - and a list of suggestions to build your competitive team around.

Pokémon Go's Great League Remix, first introduced in Season 7, is a spin on seasonal staple - the Great League.

The Great League Remix also features a 1500 CP cap, and has one key difference - a list of banned Pokémon which you cannot use in your team.

This banned list is composed of the most popular Pokémon used in the Great League, so for many players, it will force you to dig deeper into your collection to find some hidden gems.

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Pokémon Go Great League Remix banned Pokémon list

The difference between the regular Great League and the Remix version is a list of banned Pokémon. These are based on the most popular creatures to feature in the Great League - forcing trainers to try out something else in their teams. This list has changed upon the start of Go Battle League Season 8, removing some Pokémon, like Alolan Raichu, while adding others.

The list of banned Pokémon in the Great League Remix are as follows:

For many players, not able to use Azumarill will hit them hard.
  1. Venusaur
  2. Alolan Ninetales
  3. Alolan Marowak
  4. Azumarill
  5. Politoed
  6. Umbreon
  7. Skarmory
  8. Swampert
  9. Pelipper
  10. Vigoroth
  11. Sableye
  12. Medicham
  13. Altaria
  14. Defence Forme Deoxys
  15. Bastiodon
  16. Scrafty
  17. Jellicent
  18. Galvantula
  19. Galarian Stunfisk
  20. Talonflame

For those familiar with the Great League, you'll recognise a fair few of the above creatures - and may well knock out most of your tried and trusted line-up. Venusaur, Azumarill, Skarmory, Swampert... all heavy hitters which have dominated the Great League since it's arrival.

There are some interesting others in the list above, such as Talonflame - perhaps the March Community Day propelled it into the list, especially as a cheap and cheerful competitor for steel types. Either way - alternatives are now needed when it comes to the Remix League.

What are some alternative recommendations for the Great League Remix?

Since the above list knocks out many favourites, it's time to dig into our collections for other creatures which perform well at that same 1500 CP cap.

As with any Go Battle League, recommendations aren't based solely on power alone - they also have to be reactive to the meta, which often form around certain types that perform well against other creatures.

At the time of writing (the start of the Great League Remix), the meta will have yet to take shape. That said, all Go Battle leagues, regardless of CP, share some similarities in what works and what doesn't, allowing us to get a good idea of what you can use instead.

Some of our alternative Great League Remix recommendations include:

Going with Hariyama, Whiscash or Registeel. Despite the above list knocking out much of our Great League recommendations, these weren't popular enough to feature - giving you a list of powerful creatures at lower levels to play with instead.

Of course, some of these are harder to come by; Registeel, for example, can only be caught during certain Legendary / Mythical events. Thankfully, Registeel will be present in raids from Tuesday, June 1st to Thursday, 17th June and will be the Raid Hour legendary on Wednesday, 16th June. But if you have one, now's the time to roll them out. It's possible the meta might see one or two of them become more redundant than before, but these are nonetheless great choices.

Whiscash, Registeel and Hariyama should still be viable options in the Great League Remix.

Opting for steel, fighting and dark types, which tend to do well regardless of the league. Some suggestions include Registeel and Melmetal - if you have one with a CP low enough, the latter has a speedy Thundershock charged move which is great in any team - whereas Hariyama or Machamp are cheap but very dependable fighting types.

Digging into your Community Day Pokémon. Generally, these creatures are stronger than average when it comes to fighting prowess, and the exclusive Community Day move it can learn can make it an even more attractive prospect. In particular, the starters - from any generation - are good to try here, as they have types which work well in any league.

Pokémon Go Community Day Featuring Turtwig!

In the Great League Remix, grass types could take down a Whiscash and other water types easily, while fire works very well against steel. Water is less attractive - it will rarely have the advantage, but at the same time, it's generally resistant to most types which float to the top of the meta, too, so you could do far worse.

Again, it's impossible to know how any new League will shake out on its debut - and remember, no single team will win every matchup - but hopefully the above serves as some useful inspiration.

The Season of Timeless Travels has arrived in Pokémon Go! During it, take the time to try out Routes and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Pokémon Go Great League Remix dates: When does the Great Battle League start and end?

The Pokémon Go Great League Remix for Go Battle League Season 8 runs between Monday, 12th July to Monday, 26th July, starting and ending at the following times:

  • 9pm - UK (BST)
  • 10pm - Europe (CEST)
  • 4pm - US East Coast (EDT)
  • 1pm - US West Coast (PDT)

As with previous special leagues, such as the Love Cup, expect the Remix to be a rare event - but one that could return in future seasons.

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