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Pokémon Go - Fashion Challengers explained: How to battle Fashion Challengers

A battle against style.

Fashion Challengers in Pokémon Go are special adversaries who will appear exclusively throughout Fashion Week in September 2021.

You will need to battle Fashion Challengers a number of times to complete various challenges in the Fashion Week research quest, so get your Pokémon ready.

Below you'll discover how to find and battle Fashion Challengers, along with their team lineups.

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Catching Pheromosa at Go Fest Berlin 2022 in Pokémon Go.

Fashion Challengers in Pokémon Go explained: What are Fashion Challengers in Pokémon Go

Fashion Challengers are trainers you can battle throughout Fashion Week in Pokémon Go in a similar manner to the Go Tour Challengers during the Kanto Tour event. Defeating the Fashion Challengers is part of the Fashion Week research quest, so get ready for a Pokémon battle!

Like the previous challengers and Team Go Rocket grunts, the Fashion Challengers appear at certain PokéStops and will challenge you to a battle when you interact with said spot. At a distance, PokéStops with Fashion Challengers will be wiggling, but not discoloured.

Two of the Fashion Challengers.

This battle follows the typical trainer battle formula, with the one expectation that the Fashion Challengers will not use shields. A fact which, as long as you have a strong team, makes them quite easy to defeat.

You will not receive an encounter reward for defeating them, since none of the challengers have a Shadow Pokémon, but do expect a couple of rewards in the form of Stardust, Poké Balls and other items.

It's important to note that, at the time of writing, you will receive an alert about Shadow Pokémon if your Pokémon Storage is full before you start the battle. This will not, however, prevent you from partaking in the battle.

The Fashion Challengers, in our experience, appear quite regularly at different PokéStops, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding them.

The Season of Go has arrived! The Bug Out! event has brought us the release of Grubbin, Charjabug and Vikavolt in Pokémon Go, while Mega Scizor makes its debut appearance in Mega Raids. Knowing how to evolve Wurmple will also come in handy during this event. You can use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. There's also a new special research quest - A Mysterious Incense. While Go Fest 2022 may be behind us, there are still three special research quests you might be working on - Pokémon Go Fest 2022, Rhi's Arrival and A Radiant World. This season has also seen the lowering of the requirement for Candy XL and introduced the first Ultra Beast, Nihilego, along with new Prime Gaming rewards every fortnight.

How to battle a Fashion Challenger in Pokémon Go

There are five unique Fashion Challengers appearing throughout Fashion Week in Pokémon Go.

It's important to note that, if you're working on the Fashion Week research quest, any battle you have against a Fashion Challenger will count towards completing the challengers in this research. This means you don't have to worry about hunting down a specific trainer.

Here are the team lineups for each of the Fashion Challengers:

Fashion ChallngersFirst Pokémon Second PokémonThird Pokémon
Cool ChallengerFurfrouSneaselGothitelle
Eccentric ChallengerFurfrouGravelerBlitzle
Quirky ChallengerFurfrouBraixenShinx
Sassy ChallengerFurfrouButterfreeVaporeon
Slick ChallengerFurfrouCroagunkObstagoon

You shouldn't have much trouble defeating any of the Fashion Challengers, especially if you have a powerful team, because, as mentioned above, they won't use shields, which gives you a natural advantage.

We recommend beginning every battle with a strong fighting-type Pokémon, because it's the best counter against Furfrou. You can then base your other two Pokémon around the best counters for the rest of the Fashion Challengers team. If you're fighting the Quirky Challenger, for example, you could use a water-type against Braixen and a ground-type against Shinx.

Make sure to use the right counters and, remember, Fashion Challengers don't use shields.

The Fashion Challenger's teams will always remain the same, so, once you've found a good team formula, you can easily reuse it whenever you encounter that specific challenger. Just remember to heal your Pokémon after a match!

Good luck fighting the Fashion Challengers!

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