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Pokémon Go Adventure Week Adventure Challenge, field research tasks and Research Day

Tyrunt and Amaura debut alongside time-limited Ultra Unlock benefits.

Adventure Week in Pokémon Go celebrates rock-type and fossil Pokémon, with the debut of Tyrunt and Amaura in the game.

Throughout this Pokémon Go event, you can collect event-exclusive field research tasks and the Adventure Week: Adventure Challenge timed research quest.

You can also take part in Research Day and benefit from other bonuses thanks to the Ultra Unlock rewards achieved from successfully completed challenges during Go Fest 2022.

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Battling and catching the latest Pokémon Go mythical encounter, Shaymin, as part of the Go Fest 2022 research.

Adventure Week Adventure Challenge quest steps in Pokémon Go

Adventure Week: Adventure Challenge is a timed research quest which is only available during the Adventure Week event in Pokémon Go, which means you have until Sunday, 12th June at 8pm (local time) to complete it. If you miss this deadline, then you won’t be able to reap the quest’s rewards.

Below you’ll find all of the Adventure Week: Adventure Challenge challenges and rewards - just be wary of spoilers!

‘Adventure Week: Adventure Challenge’ Step 1 of 1

  • Walk 5km - x1 Egg Incubator
  • Walk 10km - x1 Egg Incubator
  • Walk 25km - x1 Egg Incubator
  • Spin 50 PokéStops or Gyms - Tyrunt encounter
  • Earn 5 Candies exploring with your buddy - Amaura encounter

Step completion rewards: x5000 XP, x2500 Stardust and x3 Rare Candy

Adventure Week field research tasks in Pokémon Go

Adventure Week exclusive field research tasks can be collected by spinning PokéStops throughout the event. Each task can be saved in your field research collection and completed after the event ends.

It’s a good idea, however, to keep an eye out for the task which, when completed, rewards you with an encounter with the recently released Tyrunt and Amaura. It’s also recommended to get as many Tirtouga and Archen as you can, as they are two rare Pokémon.

Here are the Adventure Week field research tasks:

  • Catch 15 rock-type Pokémon reward - Omanyte or Kabuto encounter
  • Earn 3 Candies exploring with your buddy reward - Tirtouga or Archen encounter
  • Hatch 2 eggs reward - Aerodactyl encounter
  • Hatch 4 eggs reward - Tirtouga or Archen encounter
  • Spin 2 PokéStops you haven't visited before reward - Cranidos or Shieldon encounter
  • Spin 15 PokéStops or Gyms reward - Lileep or Anorith encounter
  • Spin 25 PokéStops or Gyms reward - Tyrunt or Amaura encounter
  • Walk 5km reward - Tyrunt or Amaura encounter
Archen, Amaura and Tirtouga are all rewards from Adventure Week field research tasks.

Pokémon Go Adventure Week Research Day details

As one of the Ultra Unlock benefits, Research Day will be available to everyone on Sunday, 12th June from 11am to 3pm (local time). It will feature limited research tasks that lead to Cranidos and Shieldon encounters with a higher chance of encountering a Shiny.

Tyrunt and Amaura will also be appearing more frequently in the wild, depending on the hour. Tyrunt is up first during Research Day, and will be appearing more frequently between 11am and 12pm, then back from 1pm to 2pm (local time).

Amaura will spawn more often between 12pm and 1pm, and also 2pm to 3pm (local time).

Additionally, during all four hours of Research Day, you can encounter the following Pokémon in the wild:

  • Diglett
  • Alolan Diglett
  • Geodude
  • Alolan Geodude
  • Onix
  • Rhyhorn
  • Sudowoodo
  • Aron
  • Dwebble

All of the Pokémon listed above can be Shiny, but as Tyrunt and Amaura have just been added to the game, they don't have Shiny variants yet.

The Season of Go has arrived! The Pokémon TCG Crossover event is here, which includes the release of Wimpod and Golisopod. While Go Fest 2022 may be behind us, there are still three special research quests you might be working on - Pokémon Go Fest 2022, Rhi's Arrival and A Radiant World. Meanwhile, the Great League and Great League and Great League Remix are currently running in the Go Battle League Season 11. This season has also seen the lowering of the level requirement for Candy XL and introduced the first Ultra Beast, Nihilego.

Everything else we know about Adventure Week in Pokémon Go

Adventure Week marks the debut of two Gen 6 Pokémon - Tyrunt and Amaura! The Shiny forms of Tirtouga, it's evolution Carracosta, Archen, and its evolution Archeops also make their way to the game.

Additionally, throughout Adventure Week every Pokémon Go player can enjoy double XP for spinning PokéStops, and x5 XP for spinning a PokéStop for the first time.

Thanks to Ultra Unlock bonuses achieved during Go Fest 2022, egg hatch distance will be halved when placed in an Incubator during the event period. Ultra Unlock has also made Unown F available in raids, and will increase Adventure Sync rewards on Monday, 13th June.

Thanks to trainers during Go Fest 2022, there will be Ultra Unlock benefits during Adventure Week!

For Adventure Week, the following Pokémon will be appearing more frequently in the wild:

  • Graveler
  • Aerodactyl
  • Pupitar
  • Rhyhorn
  • Omanyte
  • Kabuto
  • Larvitar
  • Aron
  • Lileep
  • Anorith
  • Cranidos
  • Shieldon

Groudon - a Gen 3 legendary Pokémon - is appearing in five-star raids throughout the event, while Mega Aerodactyl has taken the spotlight for Mega Raids. Meanwhile, in one-star raids, you’ll find Geodude, Alolan Geodude, Sudowoodo, Roggenrola, and Unown F. Then in three-star raids, there’s Rhydon, Shuckle, Tyranitar, and Aggron.

Any 7km egg you collect during Adventure Week will also have the following pool:

  • Tyrunt
  • Amaura
  • Shuckle
  • Slugma
  • Cranidos
  • Shieldon
  • Tirtouga
  • Archen

Hope you enjoy Adventure Week!

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