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Pokémon Go adds major new feature to tempt you out for a 15-minute walk

Encounter Galar Legendary birds and other rare creatures.

There's a big new addition to Pokémon Go today, named Daily Adventure Incense.

This free item will refresh each day and offer you 15 minutes of Pokémon spawns - as long as you keep walking. Included in the list of possible creatures are a long list of uncommon critters, evolved species and... the surprise debut of Galar's Legendary bird trio from Pokémon Sword and Shield!

It's worth noting these three have only a chance to appear, and even then have a low catch and high flee rate. Still, there are already plenty of reports of players successfully acquiring at least one of them, just 12 hours in.

Catching Pheromosa at Go Fest Berlin 2022 in Pokémon Go.Watch on YouTube

Top fan reddit Silph Road has already put together a list of interesting spawns which Daily Adventure Incense can offer, including previously raid or egg-exclusive creatures such as Espurr, Vullaby and Rockruff, and rarieties like Archen and Jangmo-o.

Overall, the feature seems to be going down well with fans, who have praised it as a fun new option to daily play - a carrot, in other words, compared to some of the recent sticks from developer Niantic as it nudges its playerbase back outside.

Pokémon Go's Daily Active Incense.
A new Daily Adventure Incense will be added to player's inventories every day.

Other useful parts of the feature include a free complement of 30 PokéBalls each day to use when activating the Daily Adventure Incense (if you have 30 or less in your inventory).

There's also a nice summary of creatures you have caught from your Daily Adventure Incense, made for sharing/showing off any Shiny or Legendary Bird catches.

Daily Adventure Incense is rolling out now to players globally, accompanied by a new research questline from this season's lead character Rhi, explaining how it all works.

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