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Pokémon Go adds first new Sword and Shield species today

Galar to hear it.

Pokémon Go has traditionally kept the introduction of new species from different regions to an annual calendar, with the arrival of fresh regions beginning each year around September.

But that changes today, with the release of several species that debuted in last year's Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Galarian Meowth, which evolves into new species Perrserker, and Galarian Zigzagoon, which evolves from Galarian Linoon into new species Obstagoon, are available now.

All of which means Pokémon Go has debuted its Galar Pokédex section today, before sections for the Kalos and Alola region featured in earlier mainline games.

Perrhaps we'll see more soon?

Datamining suggests these other regions are also available to now deploy - possibly hinting at a less linear release for new Pokémon from different regions in the future.

Galarian Meowth, Zigzagoon, Stunfisk and Darumaka are all available from 7km eggs today, although Niantic has watered down this pool by also including their regular, boring Kantonian forms. Early hatch results from players suggest Galarian Darumaka in particular appears to rare. Niantic does not disclose egg hatch odds.

Thankfully, Galarian Meowth is also available as a reward in the game's new Throwback Challenge Champion research. Galarian Stunfisk is also available from this too, as well as being a new and common wild spawn.

Intriguingly, the data and models for Ponyta and Rapidash's Galarian forms have also been added to Pokémon Go's files - though these are currently unavailable.

The only other Galarian form released before today in Pokémon Go is Galarian Weezing, which debuted alongside Pokémon Sword and Shield last year as Tier 4 Raid boss to promote the release of the new Switch games.

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