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Pokémon coming to Universal Studios Japan

Poké Ride.

Universal Studios Japan - home to Super Nintendo World - has signed a "long-term partnership" with Pokémon.

A short statement issued today confirmed plans for the theme park to work with The Pokémon Company and begin integrating the hugely-popular pocket monster franchise from as soon as 2022.

"Universal Studios Japan and The Pokémon Company will enter a long-term partnership to jointly explore ground-breaking entertainment that will immerse guests into the world of Pokémon with innovative technology and creativity beginning in 2022," Universal Studios' stated.

Exactly what guests will see from next year, however, is unclear.

For reference, Nintendo and Universal Studios first announced their partnership in 2015. Construction on Super Nintendo Land began in 2017 for an intended opening in 2020 (which was delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic).

There's no way a full Pokémon theme park area could be constructed in time for launch in 2022, so it'll be interesting to see what Universal Studios has in mind - and what may be planned for the future.

"We are honoured to have a long-term partnership with The Pokémon Company while developing ground-breaking Pokémon entertainment at Universal Studios Japan for both Pokémon fans and our guests," said Universal Studios Japan boss J.L. Bonnier.

"The incredible team at Universal Studios Japan have the creative vision and leading expertise in world-class theme park technology to imagine a uniquely Pokémon experience," added The Pokémon Company boss Tsunekazu Ishihara.

Earlier this month, Universal Studios and Nintendo confirmed a Donkey Kong expansion is being built for Super Nintendo World. The main Mario area is also coming to Universal Studios Orlando and Singapore.

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