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Acuity Lakefront and Lake Acuity Pokémon, trainers and items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Our complete guide to Pokémon BDSP's trainers, items, and wild Pokémon.

Acuity Lakefront and Lake Acuity are next up in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Snowppoint City Gym in your adventure.

Below we'll take you through all the key details for the location, including any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and items that might be available, plus a walkthrough of your key objectives and anything else you'll need to know.

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Acuity Lakefront Pokémon, trainers and items

When you first arrive here, a pair of Galactic Grunts are blocking the entrance to Lake Acuity. Now they're out of the way (since you won at Snowpoint City Gym) you can enter the lake freely. Grab one Ultra Ball before heading in.

Available Pokémon

ZubatGrass (night)
NoctowlGrass (night)


Ultra BallNorth-easternmost corner

Lake Acuity Pokémon, trainers and items

Once you get here, you'll discover some bad news. Barry has been defeated by a Galactic Commander, Jupiter. Head in there to help out and Jupiter will leave before you can stop them.

Chat to Barry, who says he has some soul-searching to do, and then explore the lake quickly to pick up one strong Ice-type move, TM14 Blizzard.

Available Pokémon

NoctowlGrass (night)


TM14 BlizzardIn top-left of grassy area on land in the north-east of the lake.

Your next stop now is Veilstone City, as it's time to take this lot down on their own turf: to the Team Galactic HQ!

For more guides and links to the rest of our walkthrough pages meanwhile, return to our main Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub.

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