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Eterna Forest and Old Chateau Pokémon, trainers and items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Our complete guide to Pokémon BDSP's trainers, items, and wild Pokémon.

Eterna Forest and its hidden area, the Old Chateau are the next places you'll visit in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Route 205 in your adventure.

Below we'll take you through all the key details for the location, including any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and items that might be available, plus a walkthrough of your key objectives and anything else you'll need to know.

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Eterna Forest Pokémon, trainers and items

Eterna Forest interrupts Route 205, acting as your first proper "dungeon" of the game. It's pretty simple to navigate through though, and features a few new Pokémon and handy items to gather along the way.

As soon as you enter, you'll be greeted by a person called Cheryl, who asks if you'll help her through the forest. All of your battles will now be double battles with her as your ally, using her Chansey - she'll also fully heal you after every battle as well, which is very kind!

In the north-west corner of Eterna forest there's a strange mossy rock, which is for evolving an Eevee into Leafeon (you won't be able to get an Eevee for a little while yet though). There's also an area near the north-east exit that's blocked off by cuttable trees. That's the Old Chateau, a spooky house in the woods that you can return to once you have Cut, which won't be too long!

For now, work your way through Eterna Forest collecting everything you fancy, exiting to the north-east into Eterna City. When you return with Cut, the section below details what's available.

Next stop for now then: Eterna City!

Available Pokémon

SilcoonGrass (Diamond only)
BeautiflyGrass (Diamond only, rare)
DustoxGrass (Pearl only, rare)
CascoonGrass (Pearl only)
MurkrowGrass (Diamond only, night)
MisdreavusGrass (Pearl only, night)

There is a Honey Trees on this route, which has its own Honey Tree Pokémon spawn list.


AntidoteIn patch of gress left of entrance
Paralyze HealIn north east past Lass Briana and Bug Catcher Zack
Great BallHidden - in bottom left corner of large grassy patch south of the pair of Psychics
PotionBy trees in lond grass in south-east corner of eastern area
HoneyOn the left in grass in northern area

Trainers and Opponents

Lass Briana and Bug Catcher ZackWurmple / Pachirisu
Lv.9 / Lv.14
Psychic Elijah and Psychic LindseyAbra / AbraLv.15 / Lv.15
Bug Cater Donald and Bug Catcher PhillipWurmple / Burmy
Dustox / Kricketune
Lv.9 / Lv.12
Lv.12 / Lv.12
Psychic Rachael and Psychic CodyMeditite / PsyduckLv.15 / Lv.15

Old Chateau Pokémon, trainers and items

The Old Chateau is a spooky optional area that you can revisit once you have the ability to use the Cut HM app in the wild.

There's a small patch of grass outside, which has the same Pokémon as the rest of Eterna Forest, and then inside the building there are some rare items - and one Pokémon, Rotom, that can only be caught here!

The method for catching Rotom is a little different - you need to go to the room with the flickering TV at night, and interact with the TV. Rotom will jump out, and you can battle and catch it!

Available Pokémon

GastlyWalking in Chateau
RotomInteract with TV at night


EtherIn gap in fence to the right of the mansion
Insect PlateHidden - in gap in fence right of the mansion, against the back wall
AntidoteIn room with long table, far left, in the top bin
Old GateauIn small room up the stairs on the left
TM90 SubstituteIn small room, through central door upstairs, then room on the far right
Dread PlateIn small room, through central door upstairs, room on the far left
Secret KeyAfter defeating or catching Rotom

If you visited Old Chateau right after getting Cut, your next stop is south of Eterna City: Route 206 and Route 207!

For more guides and links to the rest of our walkthrough pages meanwhile, return to our main Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub.

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