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PlayStation's London Studio working on PS5 online game

"We can't wait to show the world."

PlayStation's London Studio is working on a new PS5 online game.

The studio is best known for its work on Singstar and Blood and Truth, which utilised the microphone and VR peripherals respectively.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet from the studio linking to new job opportunities presumably relating to the new project.

"New starters will join at the perfect time to get involved in shaping our plans for a project we are exceptionally excited about!" reads the tweet.

No further details on the game itself are given, so it's unclear exactly what it will be.

However, those job listings include positions in QA, art, design, and production, at multiple levels of seniority, suggesting the game is still in the early stages of production.

A few further details are hidden away in the job descriptions. The lead level designer position requests experience in "designing maps for Coop gameplay (local or online)" as well as experience "on GaaS or 'Ongoing' games".

The live ops system designer, meanwhile, will be responsible for "designing a meta game that encourages long term, sustained engagement with our audience and forming a monetisation and economy design which offers players real value for what they choose to spend with us".

This potentially indicates an ongoing online multiplayer game. There's no mention of VR, however, so it's unlikely this will be for PSVR2 despite the studio working on games for Sony's previous headset.

Whatever it is, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst is "stoked" about it.

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