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PlayStation Plus coming to Vita this November

Contains Instant Game Collection and an extra GB of online storage.

Sony's PlayStation Plus service is coming to the PS Vita this November, the company announced today at its Tokyo Games Show press conference.

The service will be complimentary to those who are already paying for PlayStation Plus on PS3.

On Vita PlayStation Plus will include unlimited access to a revolving selection of games as well as a host of discounts on games and DLC, similar to how it operates on PS3.

There will also be an additional 1GB of online storage for games saves and downloadable content.

Another feature is that the system will automatically start up and accept updates, so they'll be ready and installed by the time you want to use it again.

Finally, it will include automatic trophy sync, so your trophies will be connected to the PSN servers and updated automatically.

Sadly, no specific titles have been confirmed for the Instant Game Collection at this time.

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