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PlayStation minis developer laments lack of Trophies, demos

Lack of Trophies "probably the single biggest turn-off for most gamers," argues Velocity studio.

PlayStation under-used minis service would get a huge shot in the arm if Sony allowed developers to include Trophies in their games, according to the developer behind critically lauded shoot 'em up Velocity.

Speaking in an interview with The Sixth Axis, Futurlab boss James Marsden argued that Sony's restrictive approach to the service is seriously impacting sales.

"Lack of trophies in minis is probably the single biggest turn-off for most gamers," said Marsden. "At least that's the impression we get from feedback on our games.

"The second most asked for feature of minis is high scores / networking ability," he added.

"Also demos. If all three of these things were included in minis, it would make sales rocket, as there are some gems on minis, and perfect for the PlayStation Vita."

Marsden went on to confirm that Futurlab has approached Sony with its complaints but "account managers only have so much say on the direction of the platforms they operate on."

Marsden's game picked up a well-deserved 8/10 from Eurogamer last month. Check out our Velocity review for details.

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