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PlayStation console exclusive Stray getting limited edition £160 cat carrier

Fur real.

If you're someone who likes cats, video games about cats, and taking your cat on adventures in the real world - well, this Stray-branded cat carrier may very well be for you.

Or rather, for your cat.

Stray publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced this limited edition collaboration with pet accessories brand Travel Cat to commemorate the launch of Stray on PC and PlayStation next week.

Stray, coming to PC and Pspspspspsps4 and 5.

"We've hinted at it. It's true. We're happy to share that limited edition Stray x Travel Cat merch for your feline companions is up for pre-order!" Annapurna wrote.

"You could also use the harness and backpack for small/mediumish dogs if you really wanted to," the publisher added.

I mean sure, you could. But why not cats?

"This backpack is super verstaile, you really can put anything in it. We've seen everything from pet ferrets and rabbits to small dogs and groceries," the product description details.

So really, it's a backpack. But it does have Stray branding.

The highly-anticipated Stray arrives next Tuesday, 19th July, and tells the story of a homeless ginger cat in a post-apocalyptic world populated by robots.

"Stray is a game of dualities - the protagonist is a ginger fluff ball, but they're trapped in a dystopian mass of delipidated concrete lit by glaring neon lights," our Lottie wrote in Eurogamer's Stray preview. "Even when the cat does find a sanctuary at End Village, it's built atop a polluted reservoir. The citizens look human at a distance, yet, up close, their robotic nature is inescapable.

"Where exactly is our cat and how much danger are they truly in? Finding the answer rests in your paws."

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