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PlayStation App now available on iOS and Android in the US

UPDATE: And now in the UK.

UPDATE: Sony's PlayStation App is now available to download in the UK from the iOS App Store and Android's Google Play.

We've not heard of any PlayStation 4 consoles being shipped early to UK customers, but downloading it now means that if you do recieve a PS4 this Friday you'll be able to synch up your mobile or tablet with (hopefully) no issues.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony has launched its free PlayStation App for iOS and Android devices that will allow your smartphone or tablet to connect with PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation App popped up on the US Google Play and iOS App Store last night.

You can get the new version in the UK, too - by updating the app's existing version.

The App offers a shrunk-down version of the main PS4 interface, allowing you to access a mobile version of the PlayStation 4's social feed where friends' recent gameplay exploits are detailed.

You can also send and receive text and voice messages, multiplayer game invites and set purchased PlayStation Store content downloading.

By hitting the 'Connect to PS4' button you can enable the App's second-screen features, for use with games such as PS4 launch title Knack and bundled AR software The Playroom.

Sony has also hinted at the App's streaming possibilities - PlayStation Mobile games could be streamed from your PS4 to your device, for example.

We've yet to hear word of a Windows Phone release.

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