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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leak reveals Sackboy, Raiden

Hints at Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, Kazuya and Jin from Tekken.

Sure looks like like Nariko, Ratchet & Clank, Kazuya, Jin and Ryu Hayabusa.
It's Sackboy!

Yet another PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leak has occurred, this time revealing LittleBigPlanet mascot Sackboy and Metal Gear Solid cyborg ninja Raiden as playable characters.

This leak comes straight from Sony's official PSASBR website, which updated its page overnight with pre-order images that appeared to confirm a host of new characters. These images were removed but not before eagle-eyed users on the PSASBR forum grabbed them and shoved them online.

Raiden and Cole face off in the ULTIMATE MATCH-UP. Looks like they're dancing hand in hand to us.

The appearance of Sackboy and Raiden come as no surprise. Both characters were revealed in a sweeping leak last month that outed Devil May Cry's Dante and Evil Cole MacGrath from inFamous.

Meanwhile, a poster image for the game, which also appeared on the official website, contains silhouettes that suggest other playable characters.

NeoGAF user Ryce reckons the images match up to well-known pictures of Kazuya and Jin from the Tekken series (Heihachi is a confirmed playable character), and Ryu Hayabusa from Tecmo Koei's Ninja Gaiden series.

Fans have also spotted Ratchet & Clank and Nariko from Heavenly Sword, who appeared in July's leaked roster.

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