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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now lets you lob apples at your foes

And gets four new areas as part of Sanhok's public test release.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' still-in-development tropical map Sanhok can now be played by everyone on PC, thanks to a new public test server, and its arrival brings a special Sanhok-specific feature: the ability to pelt your opponents with apples while in the pre-match lobby.

As unexpected an addition as it might be, the fruit-based flinging is actually a nice nod to the Bapplegrounds community, which has been requesting the feature for some time. Back in PUBG's alpha days, you see, players could toss apples at one another while waiting for the game proper to begin. It's a quirky addition that numerous fans have been keen to see return, and it seems that developer PUBG corp is only happy to oblige while Sanhok is still in testing.


Of course, the appleocalypse isn't thing that players can look forward to as Sanhok moves into public testing. Most notably, four new areas have been added to the map: the Cave, Tambang, Lakawi, and Na Kham, all of which you can see elsewhere on this page. There are also revisions and improvements to existing areas, including Bhan, the Quarry, the Docks, and the Ruins.

Elsewhere, there are new spawn points near the Cave area for Aquarails and Motorbikes, as well as design variants for the Aquarail. More dramatically, Sanhok's various locations have all been extensively renamed. For instance, the previous Logging Camp is now known as Tat Mok, the Coconut Farm is Mongnai, River Town is now Pai Nan, and on it goes.

Na Kham.

Rounding off Sanhok's latest update are a number of weapon balance and item spawn changes, as well as alterations to the Redzone rules, preventing them from appearing inside the map's safe zone where possible. Full details can be found in PUBG's latest Sanhok blog post.

Anyone that wants to give Sanhok a whirl can do so by downloading the "PUBG: Experimental Server" once it appears in their Steam library following the latest update. The current testing window is now open, and will close on May 14th, at 4am PDT, which is noon in the UK.

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