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Play football and save the world in Not Tonight dev's adventure RPG Soccer Story

Coming to consoles and PC "soon".

If plain old football doesn't quite do it for you, but your interest is piqued when I say football but melded to a silly, sprawling action-RPG, then allow me to introduce you to Soccer Story from publisher No More Robots and Not Tonight developer PanicBarn, coming to Steam, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass "soon".

Soccer Story (which, despite the name and similar premise, is unrelated to developer Sidebar Games' magnificent Golf Story) is a single-player "physics-based" adventure in which players must quest, puzzle, and sport their way to restoring football - and, thus, peace and harmony - in a world where it's been banned.

Soccer Story promises an adventure packed with "quirky characters, quests, rogue refs, and wack soccer-adjacent sports", where every problem - from solving puzzles to finding secrets - can be overcome with the help of your magic football.

Soccer Story - Reveal Trailer.

Along the way, you'll get out on the field and indulge in the Beautiful Game itself, with players going up against a host of unlikely opponents - from sharks and toddlers to ninjas and OAPs - as they attempt to further their football careers. There's even a four-player local multiplayer match mode, complete with animal captains, for those times when you need a break from questing.

Soccer Story (which I'll be mentally referring to as the far superior Football Fable, now that No More Robots has put the name in my head) will be out later this year, with a PC beta going live "very soon". Those interested in taking part can sign up now.

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Soccer Story

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

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