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Pillars of Eternity: The Assassin at Large, Council of Stars, Court of the Penitents

Our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough continues with a complete guide to completing all three main quests in the Twin Elms Act of the game.

After you've finished your conversation with Aloth on Aedelwan Bridge - assuming he's in your party - head out to the main map and then go on to Stormwall Gorge.

In the south here you can pick up a new party member: Haravias, the Druid. Once you've met up with this new character, make your way east, and then head south in a zig-zag until you meet a group of five Leaden Key assassins.

Their party consists of a Chanter, Wizard, Rogue and two fighters. For a well-balanced party they go down pretty easily all things considered, and they drop some pretty nice loot too. When you're done fighting, head further south to the World Map and then move on to Elmshore.

Once there, head east and fight a Rain Blight and three Will'O'Wisps. Head south-east to fight more of these enemies, and then head over the bridge. When you've got to the other side you'll have a vision of Thaos. Afterwards, travel east to the World Map and then make your way onwards to Hearthsong.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

The Assassins at Large

When you arrive at the gate, speak with the warrior in order to update your quest. Next, speak with the Concerned Tribeswoman just inside the gate to get a little more information about the situation. Go to the Passage of the Six, which is to your north and up the stairs, then speak with Anamenfath Bethwl. Convince her to give you access to the rest of the city.

Travel to Elms' Reach through the exit that's to the north-east of Hearthsong. Go to the Twin Elms bridge in the centre of Elms' Reach to experience a vision. On the other side of the bridge, speak with the delemgam sisters, Sîdha and Rîhenwn.

By doing so, you'll learn more about how to reach Thaos, and automatically complete the quest.

Council of Stars

Enter Teir Evron just beyond the point where you spoke with the sisters, then collect all of the books from the surrounding shelves. These will give you the pass-phrases you need when you come to pray at the altars to the various gods.

Click on the Shrine of Berath to the south and use the phrase "There is life in death, and death in life." Answer the questions as you see fit. Click on the Rymrgand shrine to the north-east and use the phrase "All life ends in stillness." Next, pray to Galwain at the alter to the west by using the phrase "Survival begins with strength from within." Finally, click on Hyylea's shrine and choose "Live every note of life's song."

You will now have four addenda to your quest to earn the god's divine favour. We chose to gain the divine favour of Galawain.

To gain Galawain's favour, travel to Oldsong on the World Map, in the north-western section of Elms' Reach. When you arrive, go to the centre of the map and enter Galawain's Maw. To the far east of the map you'll find Galwain's Shrine.

Sneak through the vines to reach the lion, Sul, and speak with Irensi. Turn back and this time head north and then west to find Oernos the Bear. Speak with Einden next. At this point you can fight either the bear or the lion, along with two accompanying bears or lions. Concentrate your efforts on the main enemy first before dispatching their side kicks.

When you're done, travel back to Teir Evron in Elms' Reach and click on Galawain's shrine again. Strike the bargain with him in order to gain entry to the pit in Burial Isle, an act which will update the Council of Stars quest.

When you leave the Shrine you'll experience a vision. Answer the question however you please, then travel back to Oldsong. Once there, head to the far west of the map and speak to Dorvhal. He'll take you to Burial Isle.

Court of the Penitents

When you arrive in Burial Isle, step forward to start another vision, then fight the Shade on the steps to the left. When you're done, travel north-west, fighting Shade's Phantoms and Will'O'Wisps along the way. In the far north-west section of the map, you'll fight a Cean Gwla along with a Will'O'Wisp. Turn north and then to the east and make your way along.

Next, you'll have to fight two Cean Gwlas, a phantom and a Spectre at the same time. Use spells and buffs to ward against the Terrified effect, and make sure you use plenty of Endurance restoring spells and items throughout. The Paladin ability called Reviving Exhoration could prove useful in order to bring back your Priest if you lose him.

When the battle's over, head up the stairs to the north to find the Court of the Penitents and the Pit. Another vision will occur, after which you'll have to leap into the pit.

On landing in Breith Eaman, both Council of Stars and Court of the Penitents quests will be automatically completed.

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