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Pillars of Eternity: Through Death's Gate, Clîaban Rilag ruins, Hermit of Hadret House

How to complete the Through Death's Gate quest in Pillars of Eternity, and gain access to the heavily-guarded Clîaban Rilag ruins.

While you're in Brackenbury, walk to Hadret House in the south-west corner of the area. Go inside and then pop upstairs and go through the doors in front of you. A previously locked and guarded door will now be open up ahead. Speak with Lady Webb, and report your findings about the events at Brackenbury Sanitorium and Teir Nowneth to update the quest.

How to complete Through Death's Gate

To find out more about the ruins in the Through Death's Gate quest, go back to Woodend Plains on the World Map. This time, travel directly east along the road to open up Stormwall Gorge. Once there, go east along the road. You can fight Forest trolls and Lurkers, Feral Druids and Lionesses along the way on either side of the road, or use Scouting mode to sneak past them. Head to Dryford Village on the World Map.

Once you arrive in Dryford, turn around and go into the Temple of Berath just to your north. Harbinger Beodmar will give you directions to the Clîaban Rilag ruins. Travel to the bottom-right of Dryford Village map to pick up a new party member - a Cypher called Grieving Mother.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

How to get inside the Clîaban Rilag ruins

Go across the bridge north-east in the village and towards the World Map. Head to Dryford Crossing, then travel east and then north along the road to reach Clîaban Rilag. You can talk with Sleafhota and try to gain entry to the ruins, but you will have to fight him, a Glanfathan Hunter and a Glanfathan Warrior in order to gain access.

Alternatively, you can head north-west and then along to the east, jump over a broken bridge - injuring one of your party members in the process - and then make your way into Clîaban Rilag through a different entrance. It depends how brave you're feeling.

Either way, head north-east once inside the ruins and do battle with the Troll. Travel round the corridor in a south-east, then north-east direction. Enter Scouting mode as you turn around the first corner, so that you can spot the floor trap and disarm it.

How to use traps to kill the two Black Oozes

Further north in the passageway you'll fight two Black Oozes. Don't move too far forwards or you'll trigger a trap that's next to them. Let them slither into it and take the hit for your team instead! There's a door to the left you can unlock if one of your party members has at least six points in their Mechanics skills, and you have seven lockpicks. Head north and fight another Troll.

Turn south at the end of the corridor. Here you'll have to fight a Pwgra and two Corrupted Druids. There's another Corrupted Druid just a few steps on that you'll have to finish as well. Follow the passage until you meet three Sporlings and a Dank Spore. Kill them off, then head to the far side of the room to the south-east where another two Sporlings and a Dark Spore await.

Head downstairs, then travel along the corridor in a north-easterly direction. You can head through the central door if your Mechanics level is high enough - and you have enough lockpicks - but you'll likely have to go through the obscured door to the right.

Make your way around the maze of rooms, fighting various creatures as you go along. To the north-west of the central circular room, two rooms beyond, is a water pool where you can collect the Engwithan Key.

Head back to the central room and use the key to go through the door. Head upstairs, keep following the path, and you'll soon come to a machine like that one back at Cilant Lîs, along with the statue bodies. Click on the purple-glowing statue to the left to receive a vision and to complete Through Death's Gate.

How to complete The Hermit of Hadret House

Go west along the path in the room and then head into the stream. Depending on your choices you may end up in a different area to us. Regardless, make your way out of Clîaban Rilag. On the World Map, go back to Brackenbury in Defiance Bay, and then enter Hadret House again. Speak with Lady Webb and tell her about Clîaban Rilag.

To get invited to the animancy hearings, you'll need to be sponsored by either The Knights of the Crucible, the House Doemenel or The Dozens. You can check your reputation with each faction in the Party Records section of your Character screen. Depending on your past dealings with them, you may have a good or bad reputation with each. We chose to deal with the Knights of the Crucible in First Fires.

Once you have an invite, return to Lady Webb in Hadret House to update the quest. Head to Ducal Palace in First Fires, then go to the upper balcony and take part in the negotiations, choosing your responses as you see fit. After the cut-scene, head back to Hadret House in Brackenbury. Go upstairs to Lady Webb's room and click on the purple glow for a vision, which will wrap up this quest.

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