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Pillars of Eternity: At the Mercy of the Tribes, Champion of Berath, Hunter Brother, Sacrificial Bloodlines, Prison of Ice, Song of the Wild

Our complete Pillars of Eternity walkthrough concludes with a guide to the final six side quests available in the third Act of the game.

At the Mercy of the Tribes

Use the elevator in the south-east of Hearthsong to travel to the Celestial Sapling Inn. Speak with Cwineth when you get there, then return to Hearthsong and go to the exit to the north. Travel to Oldsong on the World Map, then go north-east until you reach a set of stairs carved into the mountain. Exit the map there to Northweald.

Follow the path from the entrance north until you reach the camp. You'll have to fight some wolves here. Click on the body to examine it, then return back to the path and this time go east. Speak to Cwineth, then walk further along the path and turn north to speak with Fangs Bright Blood. Agree to help with the issue and carry on hearing north. Speak to Captain Esmar.

You can help the mercenaries by fighting the Fangs, fight the mercenaries, or agree to fight the monsters to the north. We decided to kill the monsters. Continue north along the path until you find the Spotted Stelgaers and kill them.

Return to Cwineth in the centre south of Northweld, and speak with her to complete the quest.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Champion of Berath

Go to the Celestial Sapling Inn using the elevator in Hearthsong. Speak to the Frightened Villager there, then go to the World Map and travel to Readric's Hold. Go to the front gate where the drawbridge is and talk to Fampyre to be taken to Raedric. Fight and defeat him to complete the quest.

Hunter, Brother

From the entrance to Hearthsong, go along the path, then up the stairs and into The Passage of the Six. Speak to Ridai, then exit The Passage of the Six and go east, down the stairs and out of the east exit to the World Map. Travel to Elm's Reach, then head north-east and through the wooden spiked entrance to the Hall of Warriors. Speak to Arthwn in front of the door.

Take the exit just to the left, outside of the Hall of Warriors' spiked wooden fence. Head to Northweald, north of Oldsong, then go north-east from the entrance and turn north along the riverbed until you reach the bottom of the waterfall. Examine Fiorm's body to have a vision, then go around the waterfall to the top. Click on the giant stelgaer body for another vision.

Go back to The Passage of the Six in Hearthsong and talk to Radai. In the main chamber, talk with Anamfath after the cut-scene end and choose what to tell him to complete the quest.

Sacrificial Bloodlines

Go to the Hall of Warriors at head inside. Speak with Simoc and agree to help, then try to leave to have Lliras speak to you. Decide between sacrificing the child and poisoning Simoc. We chose to try to poison Simoc. Walk south-east to The Golden Grove and speak to Bledha. You get to choose which poison to use.

Return and speak with Simoc in the Hall of Warriors and then poison him. Speak again with Lliras to complete the quest.

Prison of Ice

At the centre of the Oldsong map, look for the entrance to Galawain's Maw in the mouth of the large head of the statue. Enter the room to the right of the entrance, speak to Larha, and agree to find the missing Fang scout. Exit Galawain's Maw.

Walk north and enter Noonfrost at the top of Oldsong. Go to the library, which is the room furthest east, and take the silver key. Leave the library and walk north along the corridor and around to the west. Use the silver key on the door at the end of the corridor to find Alwah. You'll have to clear the way for her to escape if you haven't already from working through the main quest.

Go back to Galawain's Maw and speak with Larha to complete the quest.

Songs of the Wild

Go to the Southern square in Oldsong, just north of the entrance from Hearthsong. Just above the pillar, speak to Delem and agree to find the three songbirds.

For the Cloudsinger songbird, travel to Temple of Hylea on the World Map using the Northweald exit in the far north-west at the stairs. In the Temple, go east along the lower path to collect the Cloudsinger songbird.

For the Tiam songbird, travel to Hearthsong. In the north of the map, just above the Builder's Hearth, enter a Glanfathan home. Check the crates to collect the Tiam songbird.

For the Shardwing songbird, travel to Elmshore. Go to the large arch in the far west of the map and examine a bush in front of the right side of the archway to collect the Shardwing songbird.

Go back to Southern square in Oldsong and give Delem the birds to complete the quest.

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