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Pillars of Eternity: The Ruins of Cilant Lîs, traps, Xaurip, Skuldr Whelp, torch pillars, Spear Spiderling

Our complete Pillars of Eternity walkthrough continues with a guide to completing one of the game's early quests, The Ruins of Cilant Lîs

You, Calisca and Heodan will find yourself in a cavernous ruins at the start of this next quest. Make sure you check the character screen at this point to find out more about your party members' individual abilities. Equip any of the good armour and weapons that you collected in the previous mission, and assign potions to the quick menu slots of your party members, so that you're never short of them in an emergency.

How to complete The Ruins of Cilant Lîs

Take the north-west passage to the very end to find some camping supplies. Once you've picked them up, return to the middle and then head north-east. You will find three paths at this point - one leading to the west, one to the north and one last one that heads east. You don't need to explore all three of these to move the story forwards, but each one of these paths leads to various items and experience points.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

How to avoid the traps in Cilant Lîs

The northern path brings you to a grid of floor tiles which are covered in symbols. Each of these tiles has a trap in it. To detect them, you'll need to use Scouting mode. Heodan is a Rogue class and has a high enough Mechanics level to disarm these traps, and so create a safe way through this area for the rest of the party to follow. Just be aware that you'll need to fight a Spear Spiderling beyond the floor tiles.

You can also take the east path and face Xaurip. You'll be given the option about whether you'd prefer to back off and not fight him, but he's an easy kill so forge ahead and finish him off. If you keep heading north-east you'll fight a Skuldr Whelp before reaching a weak wall. Use your hammer and chisel on it twice in order to break through. You'll fight another Skuldr Whelp in the circular room up ahead, before heading out to the west, back where the path with the tiles covered in symbols ends.

Light up the pillars to open the door

On the west path before the tiles, you'll find a corridor with six pillars in it. Light them with your torch to open up the door ahead, then fight the Lesser Black Ooze you encounter and loot the corpse. Use the tab button to highlight the ooze on the wall, and then clear it with your waterskin.

Use your Scouting ability to uncover hidden objects

Place the gem you have in your inventory into the eye of the wall relief in order to reveal a secret room to the right of the wall. You'll have to fight another Lesser Black Ooze in here, before using your Scouting ability to reveal a few useful hidden objects. Collect the gems and the cloak.

Back at the northern end of the tiles, make your way into another large circular room. You'll have to fight another Spear Spiderling when you enter this area. There's also a web in the top left of the room which you can highlight and collect items from. Travel through the north exit to escape the ruins, and complete The Ruins of Cilant Lîs quest.

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